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Letter to the Editor: ‘Dixie’ means southern hospitality

   To me, the word “Dixie” means the quintessential of “southern hospitality.” Dixie is a word used to describe a more genteel world.  It harkens to a time when a person’s word was more binding than any legal contract and when neighbors took care of each other no matter the color of their skin. Everyone […]

Letter to the Editor: Fight to save “Dixie” self-centered, embarrassing

I’m a student at Dixie State University, and I have been wanting the name changed since I started attending. To me, “Dixie” was simply unprofessional. I eventually learned the negative associations concerning the word, and I was and still am completely shocked the school–or better yet, the community–does not think it matters that their heritage […]

Films spur Dixie ID

Article by Candy Rolland.  Free T-shirts, full-size Hershey’s bars, four films, one destroyed Apple MacBook, and a bombardment of “Lord of the Rings” screen savers are all to get all eyes on the “D.”  The Dixie State University Information Technology Department has been working earnestly for a year on the new Dixie ID project. The […]

International business research compares values versus culture

Article by Nick Barnum The business world is constantly changing, and four students at Dixie State University are researching how values create such a difference.   Cam Caldwell, an adjunct professor of business, has brought his knowledge in business to the DSU business program. He is giving four young students the opportunity to get a […]

Letter to the Editor: Student feminist responds to Havens’ article

I am a feminist. I would like to address a few statements regarding feminism and gender: “Feminism has a horrible reputation… traditionally it’s been one-sided.”  Men have always had rights in our culture. Women’s rights have not even been assumed. That’s why feminism is important.  “The movement isolates men and doesn’t enforce equality.” Cultural and […]

Letter to the Editor: Women’s issues complex

I am a man. I am a feminist. In the wake of last week’s article, “Equality dialogue unequal, ignores male perspective,” a piece where the title alone made me cringe, I have heard a lot of anger and sadness from men and women alike. These responses are absolutely justified. Everyone has a right to an […]

Letter to the Editor: Concealed-weapon carriers make campus safer

While it is true that carrying a firearm can be risky for anyone who doesn’t have the proper training or experience, Utah law (and the Second Amendment) permit that, aside from those who’ve had restrictions placed upon them, the law-abiding citizens of the state may carry a firearm. Those carrying a concealed weapon would have been […]

Letter to the Editor: Stop 400 South chaos

On my morning sprint to class, I often see other students running the gauntlet of crossing 400 south. You know, 400 south. The road just south of the Holland building? Yea that one! The street mentioned is one of pure chaos. I mean, are there even lanes on that road?  Students on a daily basis […]

Letter to the Editor: 400 South lines easy fix, student says

I have noticed over the course of this year that the school has been going under a hefty amount of construction, maintenance, repairs and remodeling everywhere. Well, I have one more problem for you: the lines on the 400 South road between the stadium and obnoxious volleyball courts.   I have a solution: Eagle Scout […]

Letter to the Editor: Student echoes Sun’s election sentiments

I would just like to let you guys know that I fully agree with the opinions that have been put in the paper pertaining to student elections. We had an amazing turnout for the number of people voting compared to previous years, but barely anyone showed up to the debate. Why is that? Yes, it […]