Heavy Rain Increases River Levels Tenfold

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Recent rain and thundershowers may be a beautiful sight but can be extremely dangerous, especially when traveling through slot-type canyons in our State’s National Parks.

“The water today swelled from 80 cubic feet per second at 4 P.M. to 806 cubic feet per second by 4:45 P.M.” Zion National Park Chief of Interpretation Marc Neidig told SUN News. The quantity of water multiplied by 10 in a mere 45 minutes, causing alarm for hikers who might be in the middle of a hike when a thunderstorm hits.

“Get to high ground immediately.” Washington County Search and Rescue liaison Aaron Thompson warns. Though his concern was less on hikers and more on inexperienced drivers who try and drive through a flooded area. “Drivers think they can beat the current but end up getting swept away instead.” Thompson says that Washington County is in the process of building a swift water rescue team for that very reason.

Park Officials warn visitors and those who might enter the water to be cautious of the swift currents. Remember, “turn around don’t drown.”