DSC Old Gym Offers Wide Range of Activities

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The old gym at Dixie State College is home to many aspects of the college that many students aren’t even aware of. The Student Activities Center held an open house for students and faculty to attend so they can become a part of all that DSC has to offer.

The Intramural Department, Multicultural Diversity Center, International Students, and Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Center (ORAC) are all housed in the Old Gym on campus. Students can also go and play basketball, video games, rent equipment for sports, climb on the indoor rock wall, and more.

The ORAC also rents gear for a multitude of outdoor activities at inexpensive prices. The Multicultural Diversity Center hosts different activities for different nationalities, has a peer advisement center, tutoring, and a general commons area for all students to hang out. 

The Intramural Department has games this year ranging from flag football, to co-ed soccer, to ping-pong. Anyone interested in playing any sport is welcome to create their own team or join as part of a free agent team. 

The International Students Department serves as a home away from home to DSC’s more than 80 international students. The college is continuing its growth abroad. If other students want more information on how to volunteer there or befriend anyone new, they are invited to stop by.

For more information regarding any of these departments, simply visit the Old Gym on campus and get involved in what Dixie State has to offer.