Snow Canyon Lightning Strike Survivors Share Message

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One year ago, Snow Canyon High students Dane Zdunich and Alex Lambson became local legends after being struck by lightning. The incident would have likely proved fatal if it hadn’t been for the CPR training of their nearby peers. 

Zack Jensen, a fellow Snow Canyon student, was publicly recognized as the first on the scene to perform CPR. It is likely his that initiative saved the teens’ lives, and it was also likely to be the driving force that persuaded Dane, 17, and Alex, 18, to host Wednesday’s CPR awareness-themed gathering.

“Alex and Dane Give Back,” which was made the official title of the event, aimed to educate the community about how important CPR can be, as it was so frighteningly demonstrated to the pair October 5 last year.

At the event, stickers and posters saying happy birthday were everywhere, because the teens see the anniversary of what was almost their death in a more positive light. It’s a celebration of the day they received a second chance.  

Donations were made as students and faculty visited over refreshments, while Dane and Alex walked amongst the crowds as living local legends.