Senator Urquhart Discusses Higher Education, New Technology

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Senator Steve Urquhart held an online conference Thursday for anyone wanting to participate to discuss higher education in southern Utah.

Urquhart hit on the advancements of today’s technology and the ability to attend college classes in the most convenient way possible. “What a phenomenal service for our citizens, you can attend almost any major college online,” he said. “A single click and you can be inside a classroom from your very own home.”

Highlighting both positives and negatives of online courses became the main topic for the discussion. Concerns about the web-based classes included a lack of personal attention from teachers and ability to learn the courses as well. Urquhart quickly responded with the advancements teachers now have for educating and being involved in a student’s work, “We have Skype and other wonderful services that can really benefit students and give them the tools they need to succeed,” he said.

Urquhart expressed ways to extend the money we currently have and build a workable budget. “We need more money, I hear that. My colleagues and the governor hear that. We need to have more discussions than just about the money.”

“We need to work on stretching our dollars further,” he said.

For more information or to leave your own feedback for Senator Urquhart, you can visit his website at steveu.com