Red Mountain Resort Supports No Kill Animal Shelter

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Red Mountain Resort hosted some furry guests Saturday and the festivities had them wagging their tails and begging for more. The event, Hike for Hounds, raised funds to benefit the Ivins No Kill Animal Shelter, also known as INKAS.

 “We help find homes for animals, we take them to events and get them out of the shelter so that they are in front of people,” INKAS founder Kim Rubel said. She said getting the dogs out to socialize with the public is essential to their well-being, and helps them to be more friendly and adoptable.

Red Mountain Resort officials said they do what they can to support the shelter and have implemented a hiking program that gets dog out hiking.

Red Mountain Resort Hike Leader Robin Kirker said the resort does a hike called the Pound-Puppy hike that allows guests to take shelter dogs out on walks at least two times a week.

 Along with a fun walk, these furry companions enjoyed a picnic on the lawn, mini-massages, and even a pet psychic to help them tell their owners how they really feel.

Event organizers say the day was a complete success and they plan on making Hike for Hounds an annual tradition. Pet owners say their animals are more than just best friends… and their relationships are more than just puppy love.

 All proceeds benefited the Ivins No Kill Animal Shelter.