St. George Man Arrested on Assault with Weapon Charge

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A St. George man is behind bars after allegedly breaking and entering into an apartment complex and assaulting his ex-girlfriend and her friend.

According to St. George police, 25-year-old Cameron Carson learned of his ex-girlfriend visiting a male friend here in St. George. “Out of what we believe was jealousy, Mr. Carson located the apartment and broke in with the intent to harm them both,” St. George police Captain James Van Fleet told SUN News.

Using the handle of a shovel and his bare hands, Carson allegedly began assaulting the male until he turned his attention to his ex-girlfriend.

“She was able to escape the apartment but Carson followed her to the parking lot where he continued to assault her,” Van Fleet said, “Luckily, a neighbor heard the ex-girlfriend’s distress and ran to aid her.”

The neighbor then was able to detain Carson and hold him until police arrived.

The woman was relatively uninjured, and her male friend was checked into the hospital but was later released with minor bruising, scrapes and scratches.

Carson was booked into Purgatory Correctional Facility, charged on two counts of aggravated assault with a weapon and 1 count of aggravated burglary of a dwelling. His bond is set at $300,000.

“The bond is set at such a high amount to ensure no one else gets hurt,” Van Fleet said, “We just want to make sure everyone remains safe, especially between now and his meeting with the judge.”