‘The Great Race’ has great success

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The great race comes around annually to celebrate Dixie pride. It’s put on by Dixie State College to end the school year with community unity. Despite cold weather, 2012 saw 34 teams, all of them ready to roll.

Arnaleo Anaya said, “We’ve had our meals planned out for the past week. We’ve also been training on the sand. Playing sand volleyball, soccer, any intramural sport that we could find.”

All the competitors had adrenaline rushing through their veins with the excitement of starting the race.

The race has ten legs to it including: rollerblading, swimming, trivia, biking, and even a mud pit. Spectators come to root the teams on in this face paced adventure.

“It was really fun, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never done it before,” stated Asha Cox.

With all the excited fans, the race can expect to see a growth in participation for next year.

Alhassan Baako Wahabu said, “I enjoyed it and started thinking that next year I might actually participate.”

Cox stated, “I would love to do a team next year. I think it would be so fun.”

One thing is certain, the race is a Dixie tradition that will continue to amplify Red Storm pride. Hopes are high for an even bigger race next year!