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Senior bucket list: Take advantage of goals, opportunities in college

Graduating from school never seems like a big deal until you realize you are finished; you are no longer a student, and you are now an adult — completely done. It is scary to think about leaving the place you have spent four or more years.  All the tests, homework and stress will be just […]

DSU dance team deserves equal scholarship funding

   The Dixie State University athletic department budget keeps certain sports teams afloat while leaving others to fend for themselves.    The Dixie State dance team has a lack of funding from the athletic department when it comes to things like scholarships, trips and costumes. It is upsetting when the women of the dance team […]

Feelings get in the way of a man, woman relationship

There is a time and place for friendship, and a friendship between a man and a woman is not it.  The people who believe men and women can be just friends with no other attachments are setting their hopes too high. Whether people like it or not, someone catches feelings. These feelings could range from […]

Parties, costumes all part of Halloween fun

Halloween is not just for the creeps and the killers but for anyone willing to let loose. This holiday seems to get bad reviews because it supposedly instills fear into people. Halloween is a day where people can enjoy being a little frightened and get the chance to be someone else. Dressing as a character […]