Club Rush set to pack Diagonal Wednesday, Thursday with opportunities for students to get involved

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Get ready for a blitz because Dixie State College Student Association’s club organization is calling in a rush.

Week of Welcome is full of various activities and events just for students. Club Rush is no different. It’s a tradition for each club to represent itself on the Diagonal, the cement sidewalk just northeast of the Gardner Student Center, by showing students what it has to offer. 

This event is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 27, and Tuesday, Aug 28., from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Greg Noel, a senior psychology major from Las Vegas, and vice president of clubs and organizations, said: “My main goal for Club Rush is to increase student involvement on campus. DSC is having an increase of students every year, and we want to see this increase campus-wide in every sort of avenue that we can think of. Clubs is that avenue with a variety of options to offer to everybody.”   

Club Rush is designed to help students connect to clubs they can fit into.

“Club Rush is best for clubs…and for students to know about the different clubs and why [students] would want to join a club,” said Morgan Kirk, a sophomore physical therapist assistant major from Las Vegas and Black Student Association president. “They can be able to meet new people if they are a freshman or if they have been around a while and are just getting into a club.”

Not only do incoming freshmen gain from Club Rush, but also every single student at DSC can take away from it.

“The incoming freshmen, returning students, and some of the students transferring from other colleges can benefit a lot from clubs,” Noel said. “We have had a large increase of out-of-state students who are not familiar with St. George. The environment that they were previously in is completely different and nowhere near the same as St. George.”

Noel encourages his club presidents to try and see the world from the new students’ point of view and to attempt to see the world from their frame.

If students don’t know what club to choose, then they can just go with what they like to do, Kirk said. Students should go into a club where they have a lot of interest.

Noel and the club presidents approach Club Rush seriously but not to the extent of taking away from the overall experience.

“This event is not meant to be hard work,” Noel said. “It’s not meant to be grueling. We want you guys to have fun; we want you guys to be out there excited letting people know ‘This is my club, this is what I represent.’ This organization can be here for you as an individual.”  

Each club has a booth for students to visit and get information. Some provide other incentives.

“We are planning on getting our popcorn machine ready, and we are going to do some small Minute to Win It games,” said Taylor Topham, a junior communication major from Philadelphia, and the Latter-day Saints Student Association president. 

If you can’t make it to Club Rush, there are opportunities to sign up online, by visiting Inter Club Council meetings on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. in the Gardner building, or at other opportunities on campus.

A lot of people sign up for D-Crew outside of Club Rush at school activities, tailgate parties and games, said Austin Fackler, a sophomore pre-medical major from Eager, Ariz., and the Student Alumni Association president.

“Just get involved by trying some new things,” Kirk said. “Experience college by getting involved in a club.”