Women’s soccer faces double-header Thursday

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The Dixie State College women’s soccer team takes on a double-header this week at home against Grand Canyon Univeristy and California State University for the official start of the season.

The Red Storm have found their weaknesses in practice by working on passing and their formation.  This is helping them improve so they can face tough teams.

“I think we make really good runs,” said freshman midfielder Megan Marchbanks, a general education major from Springville. “We just have to work on finishing.”

With the games coming up fast, the team has prepared both physically and mentally for these games.

“You have to make sure you try hard in practice,” said freshman defender Shelby Christiensen, a general education major from Bountiful. “It’s really important to focus on the positives.”

Early in the season, they are already learning how to smartly scope the teams out. Not only is DSC preparing itself right now for the games, but it will also will be preparing while it’s facing the other teams on the field.

“You look for the key players so you know who to mark and their weaknesses [so] we can take advantage,” Marchbanks said.

But tackling the two teams is going to take a lot more than just knowing how to play the opponents’ game.  They also have to be confident with each other within their own team.

“We get in formation and learn each other’s positions,” said midfielder Abby Jameson, a secondary English education major from Tyler, Texas.

DSC aims for nothing but success, and high pressure practices keep the team on their toes.  Passing and defensive drills are good teaching techniques.

“They will understand what formation they are trying to run,” head coach Linda Huddleston said. “We have a lot of freshmen, and we’re trying to prepare them for the speed of play and trying to prepare them for college soccer.”

Challenging each other on the field has helped the team step up and become better soccer players for these upcoming games.

“They challenge each other on the field,” Huddleston said. “If they want that position, they’ve got to work harder, step up and be the better person.”

Some teammates show leadership by pushing and lifting others up.

“Our seniors tell us that we can beat anyone,” Jameson said.

Huddleston is confident in her team because she can see the strengths in the girls that could result in victory in this next week.

“They’re great passers,” Huddleston said. “Really smart and aggressive players. These kids have heart and that’s huge.” 

Our Red Storm play at home Thursday at 4 p.m. and again at 6 p.m.