Talent gathers for open mic at Jazzy’s Rock n Roll Grill

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The music is loud, and the crowd is animated. Local talent is seeping through the speakers and out the door onto the street. Wednesday night at Jazzy’s Rock N Roll Grill is something you won’t want to pass up.

Let’s be honest: Nightlife in St. George is hard to come by—and on a weekday it’s almost unheard of. 

The first time one might experience open mic night at Jazzy’s, located at 285 N. Bluff St., might be a little overwhelming. It’s loud, crowded and a bit muggy, but pay no mind to that. 

Come 9 p.m., Jazzy’s is the place to be. Don’t be afraid to venture over to the small wooden building, located just off north Bluff Street, and make yourself right at home. 

“It’s a great place to come and see some local talent,” said Mckenzie Hansen, a local resident and Jazzy’s regular. “St. George does not offer a lot of different venues for stuff like this—I think what they are doing here is great.” 

The pool table in back makes for a great way to socialize in between and during the guitar playing, vocal excellence and the occasional keyboard extraordinaire, while the satisfying chai teas are playing a melody of their own on your taste buds for the evening. 

“The food and service here are great,” said Danielle Latsis, a sophomore general education major from St. George. “It’d be hard to sit through some of the acts without my Italian soda.” 

Jazzy’s has a laid-back atmosphere that really could make anybody feel comfortable. It’s not hard to sit back, relax and enjoy the show—but what if your aim is to be the show? 

Regulars to Jazzy’s recommend showing up early to get a good spot on the lineup. You don’t want to be too eager, but by signing up for that last slot you might be there all night. It’s a delicate balance regulars say—getting that sweet spot on the list—that can only be achieved by abandoning your fashionably-late ways.

“It’s easy for somebody to come and play here,” said open mic participant Ryan Polatis. “The crowd is awesome, and it’s just a nice break for students and others alike during the week.”  

Whether you are musically inclined, or just inclined to listen to some good music, Jazzy’s is a great little hangout for a variety of different crowds. You’re sure to find something that is music to your ears.