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On-campus child care possible; funds, space needed

A new day care concept for Dixie State College has been put into consideration, but funding and space may leave it on the back burner for a while. Donna Dillingham-Evans, vice president of academic services, said as of right now the concept is in the discussion and planning stage. “With how busy I’ve been over […]

Prowling cougars on college campus OK

College is filled with women and men of all ages, so women dating younger men isn’t all that unlikely. So is being a cougar OK in college? Yes. Older women, single, divorced or widowed, should date younger men, not only because younger men are usually the single ones, but also because age shouldn’t define a […]

Honey Badgers come in third at flag football tournament

One of Dixie State College’s intramural flag football teams made it all the way to the NIRSA National Campus Championship Series Regional Championships. The Honey Badgers went to the tournament with only three people from their original team, and they took third place out of 19 teams. Ryan Smith, a freshman general education major from […]

Campus reactions split on election outcome

Social networking sites are still exploding with election opinions and reactions. Barack Obama was re-elected Tuesday night, and whether it was excitement or distaste, many people had something to say about it. “I’ve heard a lot of people say they are moving out of the country since Obama was re-elected,” said Vanessa Giebink, a freshman general education major […]

DSC, Tuacahn team up for seasonal musical ‘Plaid Tidings’

While hot chocolate, new flavors at Starbucks and the Jubilee of Trees will still happen this holiday season, Tuacahn is presenting something new: a musical called “Plaid Tidings.”  “Plaid Tidings,” a variation of “Forever Plaid,” is a cast of singers, The Plaids, named Fancis, Jinx, Smudge and Sparkey. They’re singers who find out they need […]

Tall women should stick with like-sized men

Tall women with short men? No thanks. A man’s hands, not his head, should be at a woman’s waist when they dance. Now, I’m not talking about a two-inch difference here. I’m talking about the 5-foot-5-inch man going after the 6-foot woman. While he might be sexy, the below-average height of a man with the […]

Cross country team preps for NCAA regionals after All-Conference inductions

Five people made the All-Conference team this year at the Conference Championship in Hawaii. Dixie State College’s cross country women’s and men’s teams competed at the Conference Championship on Oct. 20 where the women’s team had three All-Conference champions. Senior Rachel Young made first team and freshmen Brianna Decker and Celeste Gutzman made second team. […]

A little common scents goes a long way; students talk olfactory pleasantries

Baked goods just as they come out of the oven, a patch of roses as you walk by, and the smell of the opposite sex’s body odor may be exactly what a person’s nose is itching to sniff. In fact, it may be what attracts a person to the opposite sex. B.O. in this case means any […]

Students, faculty debate the debates

The presidential debates have been as heated as ever, and while many students know exactly who they are voting for this year, others have had a hard time deciding. Have the presidential debates helped to change the minds of students who know exactly who they are voting for, or do the debates even matter? Jesus […]

Fur among many elements of season’s fashion

While it may not seem like it in southern Utah, fall season is here, and so is the season’s newest fashion. Though shorts and a tank may be the best outfit for the 70-80 degree weather in St. George, blazers, scarves and Ugg boots are filling the streets in northern Utah. So are this fall […]