Midnight snackers find solace in local restaurants

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People can crave all different foods at any time during the day or night. Some restaurant staffs keep their doors open to satisfy those unusual times when people are craving late-night snacks.

Denny’s, a popular late-night destination for college students, is open 24 hours with waiting staff ready for all hours of crazy cravings.

“Almost nothing in St. George is open past 11 except Denny’s and McDonald’s,” said Heather Apple, a waitress at Denny’s. “We get a lot of regulars here late at night. They’re mostly college students.” 

Apple said she meets a wide variety of guests, and there are occasionally some odd ones coming into Denny’s.

With one group of oddballs, she said she found someone’s underwear left for her as a tip one night while she was cleaning the table. Between working at Denny’s and being a mother, Apple said there is nothing that surprises her. She said she’s used to crazy and enjoys it.

Denny’s late-night items include mostly things from the value menu such as biscuits and gravy or hush puppies for $2. There is also all-you-can-eat pancakes or an everyday Value Slam for $4.

Another option for those late-night foodies is the McDonald’s drive-thru. Some people like it because it’s a quicker option than a sit-down restaurant.

“When I crave midnight McDonald’s, I love to get McDoubles,” said Dustin Campbell, a junior psychology major from St. George. “I’ll usually order two or three, or even get a McBitchin’ if I’m with Jef.”

Jeffrey Knowlton, a junior English major from St. George said the McBitchin’ is the greatest late-night secret menu item. It’s a McDouble and a Spicy McChicken put together with Big Mac sauce instead of ketchup.

“Sometimes [the Mcdonald’s staff] will pretend they don’t know what it is or just give you the sandwiches separately,” Knowlton said. “But most of the time, if they’re cool and only after midnight, they’ll make a McBitchin’ for you.”  

For those people who are hungry and/or bored but don’t want to make the effort to leave the house, there’s the option to order pizza. Domino’s is open until 11 p.m. on weekdays but often stays open longer if the staff is still busy cooking.

Former delivery driver Dezaray Clifford, a sophomore psychology major from St. George, said she has met many crazy people late at night with outrageous cravings.

“A lot of people who order pizza late are high, or they’re just exhausted moms,” Clifford said. “[One time] someone offered to double my tip if I would dance on [his/her] freshly installed stripper pole.” 

Clifford said other strange tips she or other drivers have been offered are drugs and alcohol. She said it’s funny, but she has never accepted the crazy offers.