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Request Robby: Flying into Purgatory with wings of fire

Ben Esplin, 23, from St. George, asked me to find a restaurant with a menu item most people wouldn’t normally order unless they wanted to get sick. Usually these items are for breaking store records to get a free T-shirt or a picture on the wall. Luckily for Esplin, I’ve had a hankering for something […]

Request Robby: Money must be funny

In the immortal words of Scrooge McDuck: “Heavenly heather! The genie in the magic lamp! The fortunes I could own!”  As a poor college student, money seems to be a constant concern. However, once a semester students can accept large amounts of money with financial aid with no upfront consequences. There are some smart choices […]

Request Robby: Diaper days are back again

I don’t remember what it was like as a baby, but I took a glimpse into what it may have been like. An anonymous source requested I delve into the life of infantilism. This person lives a secret life as an adult baby and has felt scrutinized from others because of the situation. I am […]

Request Robby: Taser defense shocking option

Whether it’s for self-defense or a good laugh, a stun gun is a good item to have around. Dustin Campbell, from St. George, bought a Taser while traveling through Las Vegas. After startling a handful of people lounging in the living room, he turned to me, clicking the Taser slightly on and off, and said, “Hey Robby, […]

Clubs compete for best chili

Students and faculty voted on the Club Chili Competition. Reporter Robby Briggs spoke with contestants and tasters to see what made the perfect chili.

Request Robby: A spoonful of vanilla helps the vinegar go down

One tablespoon of vanilla. One cup of vinegar. Two tablespoons of cinnamon. One tablespoon of chili powder. A pinch of insanity. That’s a recipe for a crazy fool like myself. I’m calling this next challenge the Table-Top-Double-Dog-Dare. Do not attempt to do any of the following, as all of the stunts were performed by a […]

Request Robby: Blindness not easy without support

I respect the blind a little more after Brittany Haun from Spanish Fork suggested through the Request Robby Facebook page that I live a whole day blindfolded.  I took this request as a 24-hour challenge to experience a day in the life of a blind person. I went to bed with the blindfold wrapped around […]

Request Robby: Hat, haggard clothes earn Robby $3

I’m offering a position that pays $3 an hour; the requirements are, but not subject to, wandering the streets aimlessly dressed in haggard clothes. Rodney Havens from St. George posted a request at Facebook.com/RequestRobby:  “Robby, I’m requesting you to try pretending that you’re homeless and see how much money you get. Then donate the money […]

Heart of Dixie striving for ‘good, uplifting’ events

A new production company is setting the stage for the party beats. Staff working for the Heart of Dixie have put together several events for college-age students since co-owner Jared Kaddington started the business with his wife mid-year 2012. Kaddington said he started the company as a better alternative for some of the questionable activities […]