George’s features pleasant atmosphere, pricy average food

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With all the burger places already in St. George, I was skeptical about George’s Corner Restaurant and Pub.

So when I walked through the doors, I was surprised by its relaxed and small-business feel. Unlike most of the other overpriced burger joints here, which is what I expected George’s to be, George’s is untainted by the corporate touch.

The restaurant is decorated with old pictures from St. George’s past, along with other period pictures of women and children grumpily posing for the camera—these decorations provided a cool balance with the background pop music.

The old-school photographs, along with the bright red walls and wood furniture, created an eclectic and cozy atmosphere. 

A billiards room is downstairs, with more room to seat guests, and, of course, a pool table. There’s also a bar for us cool kids of age that serves beer on tap—something I didn’t know was legal in Utah.

In fact, the whole place feels like it was lifted out of another state and transplanted in St. George. While the restaurant wasn’t busy during my visit, I can easily picture college students spending their Friday and Saturday nights playing pool and munching on fries.

The staff was friendly, eagerly greeting me as I walked in and was seated. However, my waiter was a slowpoke, taking his time to come and take my order. Bu the food arrived within 15 minutes of ordering, which soothed my irritation with the waiter’s initial slowness. 

The food at first glance isn’t anything special, with the menu comprising of such staples like burgers, sandwiches and salads.

One menu item did stand out—the lamb burger, which is served with a curry mayo. I refrained my trying one though, due to an aversion to anything carrying the curry label. 

I tried the chicken quesadilla, which was served with sour cream and guacamole on the side. Though my quesadilla was only average, I was impressed by the fries, which are skinny and deep-fried to crisp perfection.

And instead of just refilling my glass every few minutes, my waiter brought a pitcher of water to my table, along with a cocktail glass filled with ice and lemon wedges placed on the rim like a shrimp martini. I thought that was a unique touch that added to the hip feel of the restaurant. 

As far as prices go, George’s is a little overpriced. My quesadilla was $7, which for four slices of tortilla, cheese and chicken, and some sour cream and guacamole on the side, is a lot. That’s on the steep side for this college student’s pocket.

The quesadillas were less expensive than the burgers, sandwiches and salads, which were priced at $8 and $9. The most expensive item on the menu is the steak frittes plate at $19. The cheapest items are the fish tacos and soup of the day, which are both priced $3 each. 

While George’s overpriced food was only average, the fun vibe more than made up for it. If you plan on going, I suggest you split a plate of fries with a buddy and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.