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Post grad opportunities not so bright

After four years of drudgery, many graduates eagerly anticipate the swells of the “Pomp and Circumstance Marches” as they finish up finals and projects. However, the reality for many college graduates is less than exciting. According to a report from The Huffington Post, one in two college graduates are jobless, with many taking low-skill work […]

DSU earns solid B for year’s performance

From raging fights over a two-syllable word to jubilance over a new title to disgust over dining options, DSU gets a solid B for the 2012-2013  school year. This year has been the most dramatic one for the school since I started attending in 2009. From a name debate to university status to campus dining, […]

Tutors available to aid students, not complete students’ work

Dixie State University’s tutors are always willing to help, but some students are getting the tutors’ role twisted. DSU offers students free help with homework in the form of the Writing Center and Tutoring Center. The point of these services is not for students to have somebody else do all their homework for them. Rather, they are […]

Dance team seeks new, qualified members

Dixie State University Dance Team hopefuls can expect to be judged on their skill, their studies, and most importantly, their spirit.  DSU’s Dance Team performs at football and basketball games, and it also devotes time to service around the community. Tryouts for next year’s team are April 26 and 27. This year’s team had 10 […]

Technology used to reduce plagiarism

While many factors affect student performances in class, nothing destroys a grade and a reputation faster than plagiarism. Plagiarism is one form of academic dishonesty that entails taking credit for another person’s work. College faculties and administrations across the country battle plagiarism constantly, from Harvard University to Southern Utah University. Dean of Students Del Beatty […]

University upgrade may not lead to adjunct salary increase

Dixie State University may be moving up in the world, but some adjunct instructors feel as if they’ll be left in the dust. Adjunct instructors are often used to teach general education classes as there are often not enough full-time faculty members to help meet the demand. They teach up to five classes a semester. Adjuncts are paid […]

YouTube culture reaches every social group

From the early years of Keyboard Cat to the adorable Kid President, YouTube videos have become a cultural staple of the procrastinator’s toolbox. But, while some videos can be nothing more than mindless nonsense, some students argue that without YouTube, they would be high-strung wrecks during the semester. Lacy Culpepper, a junior English major from Clinton, […]

Macklemore, Ryan Lewis opening doors for DSU’s future

With the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert nearing, new opportunities for Dixie State University have arisen. Mazie Ludlow, a junior communication major from Turlock, Calif., and vice president of communication and public relations, said that as a result of MTV working with DSU, MTV is looking to make DSU its Utah hub for Music Television […]

Alternatives to Boy Scouts offer better opportunities, diversity, acceptance

I’ve always been of the opinion that if people don’t want me, they can go you-know-what themselves. Which is why when the Boy Scouts of America scandal surrounding its intolerance of openly gay troop members and leaders arose, I couldn’t help but wonder why proud and out gay men would fight to be part of […]

General education: Math knowledge useful in everyday life

With countless formulas, equations, numbers and symbols, math can often turn students’ heads inside-out and upside-down as they wonder when and where they will possibly need to know any of it. However, math classes are unavoidable in any school setting, particularly college. As students plow through their general education classes, a dance on the math […]