Starving students not focus of Starving Student Card

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Students at Dixie State College say the Starving Student Card has a misleading name.

The Starving Student Card is supposed to be geared toward students trying to find the best bang for their buck at restaurants, but is the card really for starving students?

Vanessa Giebink, a freshman undecided major from Mesquite, Nev., said they used to sell cards like that in high school for fundraisers.

“They were called Bulldog Cards, and they were meant for families, and a lot of the families loved them for the offers at Subway and Maverik,” Giebink said. “But [as a student] I’m not going to be eating out much anyways, so I don’t see why I’d need one.”

Morgan Wilson, an instructor and hairstylist at Taylor Andrews Academy, said a lot of people come to get their hair done with their 25 percent off coupon the Starving Student Card offers.

“It’s mostly young adults that come in and use the card, but the age does vary,” Wilson said. “They aren’t all college students.”

Ariana Azimi-Tabrizi, a junior music education major from Anchorage, Alaska, said she was thinking about purchasing the card because it had a lot of good deals for her and her roommates.

“If you use it a lot, you can definitely get your money’s worth, but it’s geared towards multiple people,” Azimi-Tabrizi said.

Gabe Phillips, a senior communication major from Hurricane, said he’s purchased the card in the past.

“The card is great for dating purposes,” Phillips said.

Phillips said the card is meant for more than one person as well.

“The card is not for starving students,” Phillips said. “It’s meant for multiple people, and I think they need to offer more combo deals than two-for-one.”

Phillips said he wished the card had less fast food places and more of the local shops where he likes to eat.

“The card needs to add some non-mainstream places,” Phillips said. “Like Duke’s, Tom’s Deli and Bishop’s.”

Giebink said she thinks the card is more of a way for administrators to add to DSC funds.

“The card is a good idea, but I don’t think they are using it to keep students from starving,” Giebink said.

The Starving Student Card can be purchased at the Book Store and can be sold to the public for $25. While it may not be applicable to single college students, college students with families may find the card useful.