Campus Security begins issuing parking citations

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There’s bad news for student procrastinators: The parking pass grace period is up, and the lack of that $20 permit can now result in a fine upwards of $80. 

Don Reid, head of campus security, said his department has always given Dixie State College students some leniency in the first few weeks. In fact, the grace period to purchase a permit ended last week, but security has given students a little longer this year.

“We’ve given them four weeks [this time],” he said.

Reid said the department has issued more than 3,000 parking permits so far, but with increasing enrollment, he is anticipating a lot of citations being written in the coming days.

“Starting this week, any car in any parking lot in any stall whatsoever that doesn’t have a parking permit will get a citation,” he said. “Parking is becoming premium on campus with the increased enrollment.”

He said that while there is enough parking for everyone, there is a problem with students who haven’t purchased permits parking in areas that should be reserved for those who have paid to park there. A single fine not only affects whether a student can have access to transcripts, but it could also potentially cover parking permits for a student’s entire collegiate career at DSC.

“Permits are $20, and that’s almost laughable,” Reid said. “We’re the only school that does that.”   

Jake Duncan, a junior communication major from Corona, Calif., purchased his permit last week just as the usual grace period ended. He said he learned his lesson after being cited last year.

“[I paid] something ridiculous,” he said. “But [DSC’s] price is way better than other colleges. I know my friends back at home pay $200-300 a semester just for parking.”

Nick Garibay, a senior criminal justice major from Los Angeles, has reaped the benefits of the grace period, but now he’s relying on something other than a window sticker to keep from getting cited: luck.

“I’ve been trying to dodge [security],” he said. “Most of my classes are over at the criminal justice building. I really don’t come down here too often. I come down here for the library. That’s the only reason I need [a parking permit].”

But those reliant upon luck could potentially be shelling out more money if they don’t get their permits. Reid said the security office will be showing no mercy from this point on.

“We’ll be hitting them hot and heavy this week,” he said.