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The Skewed Review: Final thought before goodbye

I’ve seen columnists come and go during my tenure at Dixie Sun News; I’ve been a part of the integration of programs at this publication; I’ve been a writer, photographer, videographer, cartoonist, editor and editor-in-chief; and now, I’m on my way out.  I’ve never been a fan of the “goodbye” column. But now I can’t […]

Years of debate, discussion end with tobacco-free campus

The nearly three-year-long push for a tobacco-free campus culminated in a unanimous vote in favor of the ban at the recent Dixie State University board of trustees meeting. A policy was presented to the trustees on Nov. 22 that, among other things, stated, “The use, sale, distribution, or advertising of any regulated or unregulated item […]

The Skewed Review: Consider others’ holidays, too

I love stuff.  Whether or not the rest of you are willing to admit it, the fact is you love stuff, too. Cars, gadgets, apparel, food — you name it; we want it. There’s a reason the holidays are so popular. It’s because we all get to purchase and consume stuff.  Despite our need to […]

The Skewed Review: Be Thankful for 30 days

Day 13: I’m thankful for Grumpy Cat.  If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve seen posts like this flooding your feed for the past two weeks, although the items people are thankful for are probably a little less mundane than a cat meme.  Regardless, it never fails. We turn the calendar page to November, and suddenly […]

2 Men 1 Movie: “Thor: The Dark World” epic film, despite lack of Loki

Matthew’s take    Marvel filmmakers are doing everything right. They’re doing everything right so well, in fact, that even when something doesn’t really work, it’s still OK.  I’ve been thinking about “Thor: The Dark World,” and I realize the sequel to the 2011 hit is by no means as wonderful as its predecessor, but it […]

The Skewed Review: Nobody likes a journalist

It takes a thick-skinned person to be a journalist.  Think about it. A journalist has to have the wherewithal to demand sources to talk. A journalist has to be able to drop everything and run to the other side of town to get the story. A journalist has to ask questions that are often uncomfortable […]

The Skewed Review: Halloween activities limited in St. George

The lack of truly frightening activities in this town will mean I might have to seek out my seasonal fun somewhere else.  “Fun for the whole family” is nice sometimes, but sometimes I just want to be an adult and have adult fun. I’m not speaking of that kind of adult activity. I’m talking about […]

Fast, cheap Halloween costumes possible with right supplies

If you’ve waited this long to prepare your Halloween costume, then you’re either a procrastinator or broke — or maybe you’re both. Whatever the case may be, there’s still hope. You’ll just need a little Martha Stewart can-do attitude with a bit of Suze Orman can’t-spend budget. Here’s a few ideas to get you started. So […]

The Skewed Review: The only excuse for ignoring Halloween is a wedding

It’s bittersweet.  If you’re even remotely familiar with The Skewed Review, then you’ll know autumn is my favorite time of the year — mostly because of Halloween. OK, so it’s only because of Halloween.  However, this year, in lieu of our usual All Hallowtide spirit, we’ve dedicated our time and money toward a wedding reception. […]

2 Men 1 Movie: “Captain Phillips” exceeds expectations of docudramas

Matty’s take Let me make it absolutely clear that docudramas are not my cup of tea.  I wouldn’t willingly see one on my own, and the only reason I’ve ever purposefully seen a docudrama is when I’m going along with a friend who wants to see one. From “Alive” to “United 93,” the lack of […]