Beauty blunders often easily remedied

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Bad beauty habits have Dixie State College students talking about their beauty pet peeves.

While everyone has endured a beauty blunder or two, finding out the proper way to care for hair and apply makeup can solve most issues.

Camille Fiducia, a junior communication major from Hurricane, said girls should stop teasing their hair.

“Girls who are still ratting their hair…that would be one of those [don’ts],” Fiducia said.

Cosmetologist and makeup artist Britain Nickle, the art expert at ULTA beauty, said teasing often damages hair. Nickle also said students should avoid overusing curling and straightening irons.

“If you’re using a lot of heat products, you need to use a good heat protectant,” she said. “If you’re flat ironing a lot, don’t do it every day

As for hair extensions, Nickle said students should make sure they find an expert to put in them in.

Nickle said she knew someone who had paid a lot for extensions, only to find out the extensions had been synthetic hair, not human hair. Synthetic hair cannot be washed, and since the extensions had been glued in, they could not be removed. 

Nickle said students should have the extensions blended and trimmed once they’re on the head, as well as make sure the color of the extensions matches the color of the natural hair. She also said extensions should not be washed every day.

As for makeup blunders, Karli Brophy, a senior communication major from Panguitch, thought false eyelashes need to go.

“You can tell they’re fake because they’re longer than normal,” she said.

Nickle said instead of fake lashes, students should consider the options regular mascara offers.

“There are several different product options…here’s a lot of gel-based options that aren’t going to flake or smudge,” she said. “Some have patented brushes (and) some have protein in them.” 

Nickle said it’s important for students to figure out what basics they need for days when there’s not a lot of time to pay attention to appearance. 

Rebecca McCullough, a senior business administration major from Sandy, said girls should avoid painting on makeup.

“Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, not paint you a new face,” she said. “You really don’t need to wear all the heavy makeup. Just be yourself.”

As for the essentials every girl should have in her makeup bag, Nickle said everyone should have a good mascara and brow enhancer.

“Brows always frame the face,” she said. “It’s going to make you look complete even when you don’t have a lot of makeup.”

But it’s not just women whose bad beauty habits get noticed. McCullough said men shouldn’t be afraid to pay attention to the details, especially when it comes to nails.

“You should always have manicured nails — men and women,” she said. “People give men a bad rap for going to the salon; I give them props…if you’ve got dirty-ass nails, people are going to notice you and judge you on that.”

Nickle said a good nail and hand cream would help with mangy nails, as well as nail strengtheners and cuticle oil.

Melissa Lewis, a senior English major from St. George, also said men should stay away from outdated hairstyles.

“I still see people walking around with frosted tips, and the thing is they do it themselves,” Lewis said. “They don’t do their hair afterward, so they just have blonde spots on their head.”

Amberdawn Anderson, a junior psychology major from Long Beach, Calif., said she sees a lot of sloppiness on campus.

“Some girls walk around looking like they just rolled out of bed or like they’re doing the walk of shame all the time,” she said.

Anderson said students should pay attention to their appearance because it often reflects pride in themselves. 

Anderson said: “School has a lot to do with confidence, and if you don’t feel good about yourself, how do you feel good about your studies and what you’re doing?”

Nickle agreed and said appearance is often a big part of first impressions.

She said: “Your appearance is someone’s first impression before they get to know you…the more you take care of yourself, the better you’re going to feel, and that’s going to be projected outward.”