Marvel universe rules comic book world

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Comic book superheroes have awed readers and audiences for years, and I marvel at the thought of which heroes are better.

Saturday mornings were a glorious time as a child with no cares in the world. How nice would it be to go back to those times and be able to just wake up and turn on superhero cartoons? 

Spiderman, Batman, Superman, X-Men, Iron Man, Fantastic Four and so many more heroes have filled the imagination of the young and the old. But out of the two major creators of superheroes, Marvel Comics and DC, which is better? Can you pick, and why would you make that pick?

I did, and I made the decision at an early age. Marvel superheroes are my type of heroes.

One way to know what heroes you lean toward is by the Halloween costumes you choose, or have chosen.  I was Wolverine, Spiderman, Batman and,of course, a Power Ranger. Two of these costumes are Marvel and one is DC, so this indication didn’t settle it for me.

My brother and I had books full of X-Men trading cards. I could sit on my bed and look at the cards for hours. Each hero tickled my mind and sparked imaginary fights playing in my head. No other heroes did this for me.

X-Men is its own world. The list of heroes fills up pages. Each hero has a unique super power special to his or her situation. Something as simple as the power to disrupt electronics or walk through walls is fascinating.

I can think of no other superhero series that matches the broad world of X-Men. This reason almost solidifies my pick of Marvel over DC.

But let’s look at one more determiner: movies.

Special effects and computer generated images have made leaps and bounds over the last 20 years, which has allowed for superhero movies to thrive. The action sequences illustrated in comic books are no longer restricted by roadblocks in the film industry. 

According to Boxofficemojo.com, six of the top 25 box office hits of all time are based off either a Marvel or DC comic book character. Four are from Marvel and two are from DC.

The total domestic gross from the four Marvel box office hits totals an astronomical $1,735,339,862 compared to DC’s $971,696,572.  

But I do admit DC has great history and tradition behind its characters. Superman, Batman and Robin pioneered the film industry for superheroes. Even as tacky as their costumes were, the spirit of heroes became contagious. The Batman and Superman movie series still live today after years of production, and each time around they get better and better.

So if you are a DC fan limited to only DC, then open up your horizon to the universe of Marvel. The characters are endless, the stories are excellent, and you may just turn your allegiance over to the better side.