Santa Clara residents celebrate heritage with Swiss Days

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You don’t have to be Swiss, or even a resident of Santa Clara, to get out and enjoy Swiss Days 2012.

Swiss Days happens annually in the quiet community of Santa Clara. You may have noticed the brightly-colored wooden cows adorning the streets of Santa Clara.

A variety of activities will take place Thursday, Sept. 27 through Saturday, Sept. 29, each day offering something a little different for patrons to enjoy, whether it be the 5k run, pancake breakfast or the highly anticipated parade that begins at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Along with the scheduled activities, patrons can visit the different historical displays throughout the weekend, such as pioneer craft demonstrations and heritage displays throughout town hall.

Maddison Rodet, a former Dixie State College student from Santa Clara, enjoys the fun booths Swiss Days has to offer and the craftiness of her neighbors. 

“I’ve been going for years, it’s fun to be part of the small town heritage,” Rodet said. “They have fun booths where you can make your own Swiss crafts or buy from others who have made things like jewelry or crafty decor.” 

While Swiss Days is a great place to eat delicious food, bond with neighbors and purchase homemade goods of all sorts, residents of Santa Clara said it’s really about the history.

“It’s great to learn about the heritage of the Swiss settlers, what they did, and how it’s carried on with the people today,” said Lynn Hatch, an LDS Institute instructor and 18-year Santa Clara resident.

Some residents of Santa Clara have enjoyed Swiss Days growing up and still enjoy it today.

Nate Hansen, former Dixie State College student and Santa Clara resident, remembers looking forward to Swiss Days growing up and hopes to instill that same enthusiasm in his small family.

“I loved hanging out with my neighbors and friends, participating in all the activities,” Hansen said. “I know my younger kids are looking forward to this weekend, and even the older ones have a hard time hiding their excitement.”

Swiss Days may be an age-old tradition in your family or you may be new to the area and tradition. But if the history and homemade food isn’t enough to entice you there, the brightly colored cows are invitation enough.