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Living the Life: Holiday decor simple with planning, recycling, begging

Let’s face it, college apartments are not always decorated to the nines, and it seems like the holidays are no exception. Walk into any college student’s apartment and, usually, there you find a mish-mash of random stained furniture, strange wall art, and make-shift decorations. It’s a bit disheartening around the holidays coming from mom and dad’s […]

Load-bearing students reveal contents of bulky backpacks

College is a reason to break your bank; it shouldn’t be a reason to break your back. Students around campus heave their heavy backpacks to and fro on a daily basis. But some students may be carrying more than the necessities, making achy backs and long-term difficulties a reality they may not be aware of. […]

Hosting get-togethers should be stress-free, clean

Moving out on your own is a switch in social scene. You’re living with roommates, making lots of friends, and enjoying a variety of different people in and out of the house. I’ve only lived on my own for more than two months; however, I have already thrown my fair share of soirees. When planning a get-together, […]

‘Wreck-it Ralph’ amusing, conventional

I wanted to leave the theater just 30 minutes into Disney’s “Wreck-it Ralph” and head straight to the nearest arcade. Inspired, I wanted to joyfully zip to-and-fro from game to game, meeting all sorts of video game celebrities and accomplishing tasks beyond my realm. “Wreck-it Ralph” received glowing reviews from many a movie-goer and grossed $49 million in […]

Living the Life: Grocery Shopping 101

Open, close, open again and continue to stare just one more minute into the barren wasteland you call your refrigerator. Perhaps one of the biggest shocks that came with moving out on my own was, the fridge that I once could always count on to be full of my favorite after-school snacks, in all actuality, […]

Miss Dixie crown passed to Krissia Beatty

It’s not all tiaras and tears on stage; the participants of the Miss Dixie Pageant are standing for something much bigger. Hayley Weaver, Dixie State College’s 2011-2012 Miss Dixie title holder, passed on the crown to Krissia Beatty, a sophomore business major from St. George, Tuesday night at a lively event held at the Cox Auditorium. Alana Lee, […]

Living the Life: Follow ‘Boyfriend etiquette’

A house of four girls can quickly turn into an episode of “The Real World” if you aren’t careful with house standards. Let’s talk boyfriends. It’s not uncommon to have each girl’s boyfriend or significant other over at the house at any random time during the day. It’s even less uncommon to have a fridge full […]

Santa Clara residents celebrate heritage with Swiss Days

You don’t have to be Swiss, or even a resident of Santa Clara, to get out and enjoy Swiss Days 2012. Swiss Days happens annually in the quiet community of Santa Clara. You may have noticed the brightly-colored wooden cows adorning the streets of Santa Clara. A variety of activities will take place Thursday, Sept. […]

Living the Life: Moving out of parents’ house a chore

Moving out on your own is a lot of freaking work. I’ve packed my belongings and moved my life 8,187 miles away to inhabit a different country for five months in a matter of a couple days—piece of cake. But moving my belongings from my own room to my new room, eight miles down the road, has literally […]

After dark recreation unjustly not allowed in parks

It’s a perfect St. George night. It’s warm and just breezy enough to cool the droplets of sweat forming on your brow. The crickets are lightly chirping in the distance, the June bugs buzzing their song, and the moon is hanging full just over the Dixie rock. It’s just the kind of night you want […]