Anticipated fall TV lineup includes controversial ‘New Normal’

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The fall 2012 television lineup gives everyone a decision: Which shows should be added to their television schedule, and which shows are not worth their time altogether.

This fall has some exciting and controversial shows that are being brought to the table. But which ones will actually succeed?

One of the newest and anticipated shows made its first appearance on NBC on Aug. 18. This show is called “The New Normal.”

This show is about Bryan and David, a successful and loving couple who live the high life. The only thing missing is the laughter of a baby in their family. They meet a girl named Goldie who becomes their surrogate mother.

Brittani Walden, a sophomore nursing major from Riverside, Calif., said this show may not be the most appropriate for audiences to see.

“I am not watching this show because I feel as though it conflicts with my beliefs,” Walden said.  “I have no interest in the plot. If I personally cannot relate to the main characters, I do not feel like it is worth my time.”

Because of the controversy of a gay couple being the main characters, one of Utah’s leading news bureaus, KSL, released a statement after meeting with Utah Pride and Equality Utah on why it would not air “The New Normal.”

According to the statement: “As a communications company we make decisions every day regarding our programming and we made a decision to not broadcast this program because we feel it had a number of issues including sexually explicit content, demeaning dialogue, and inciting stereotypes.” 

If you want to make the “New Normal” part of your normal schedule, it airs on The CW on weekends.

Premiering on CW at 8 p.m. beginning Oct. 10 is another show that is eagerly anticipated by viewers. “Arrow” is an action-packed superhero comic book character being brought to life. Oliver is a wealthy man when it comes to money and popular when it comes to the ladies.

Oliver goes missing for five years and is found completely changed and scarred from his past. By day he is a common man and after dark a superhero in disguise.

“I am excited and unexcited because the story plot is mimicking parts of ‘Batman,’” said Mason Chamberlain, a junior integrated studies major from St. George. “I am excited for it because I am thrilled to see him fight for what is right. I am unexcited about it because I have heard this story before: eccentric billionaire by day and masked vigilante by night.”

Many “Sherlock Holmes” fans are hesitant but anxiously waiting for the upcoming show “Elementary.” This plot-twisting original is about an addict who travels to New York City seeking rehabilitation treatment but, while doing so, makes a new friend.

The plot enhancer in this show is that Sherlock’s sidekick, known as Watson, is now a lady. Will this change attract or repel audiences who have enjoyed the 125-year-old Sherlock Holmes story? The answer to this question will be determined within the next couple months. This show first premiered on Sept., 27 and can be found on weeknights on CBS.

If comedy mixed with tragedy is something that intrigues you, NBC’s newest show “Go On,” which premiered in early August, is a show that keeps its audience hooked not only with laughter, but also with a story that can hit close to home for some viewers.

This sitcom’s plot is about a sports reporter who just suffered the loss of his wife. The journey of him moving on from his hurtful past to becoming a thriving and happy reporter again is a journey that is looking to be hilariously heartfelt.

This year’s fall 2012 television lineup emits controversy, comedy, diversity and much more. This short overview is just a glimpse of what this fall has to offer.