Inaugural Fall Fuel Fest brings Nitro Circus to St. George

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The SGMX Motoproving Ground buzzed with more than 10,000 people on Saturday at the first St. George Fall Fuel Fest.

Riders, drivers and builders participated in the first run of the event in hopes of winning their share of $100,000 in cash and prizes. Events included sled pulls, dynos and motocross races with a finale by Nitro Circus and the Thrillbillies.

The area was teaming with vendors and promoters, who provided fans with swag, motor parts and snacks throughout the day. They also gave fans a chance to meet and greet the participants in the various activities. Competitors walked the grounds after their events and mingled with fans by signing autographs and taking photos.

“The Fuel Fest was a great time,” said Gage Gregerson, a sophomore general education major from Price. “There’s nothing better than things with wheels and girls everywhere.” 

Gregerson was one of many Dixie State College students in attendance at the event, whether they were simply there spectating or helping with some aspect of the event. Students were seen in the stands, helping out at commercial booths, and helping with security for the event.

The main sponsor, H&S Performance, took what started as a simple dyno competition and transformed it into a full-scale event unlike anything the St. George area has ever seen.

Two dynos ran all day and tested the horsepower of some of the largest, toughest trucks in the area. The Ultimate Moto Challenge race gave even the best riders a run for their money with two hours of distance racing mixed with logs, tractor tires and cars as obstacles.

While there was a solid turnout for every part of the event, the crowd swelled to maximum capacity to watch Nitro Circus and the Thrillbillies at the end of the night. Locals were excited to see them perform live, and they were just as excited to show off for them.

“I love St. George’s crowd,” Nitro member Colton BrockBank said. “I’ve done a lot of events and shows, and St. George is a riot to perform for. The Nitro Circus feeling just gets people crazy.”

The stunting daredevils didn’t disappoint with riding BMX, dirt bikes, trashcans, skis, and other outrageous objects to create an adrenaline pumping show for the crowd. Their stunts peaked at the end of the show with some of their biggest jumps being performed simultaneously with the jumps of other riders.

The Nitro Circus members are like a family to each other, and they hope that what they do inspires everyone who sees them to try something new and a little extreme every day.

“Nitro Circus is a lifestyle,” BrockBank said. “Anybody can be a part of it and do something different—something bigger. That’s why I wish Nitro Circus was an everyday event, to get people to try new things.”

After the last show was over, the performers set up behind tables to greet fans and sign autographs. Despite the long day, every fan was greeted with a smile and was thanked for being a part of the experience.

The Fall Fuel Fest event organizers were pleased with the success of the event and are planning on it being an annual tradition. Judging by the accomplishment the event was this year, that won’t be hard to do.