Test sexual waters before marriage commitment

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Do yourself a favor and save yourself a divorce: Say “do me” before “I do.”

Face it. Fornication is not reserved for sluts and man-whores. Premarital sex can actually be a smart and serious choice that may prevent a failed marriage.

This is the real world, not Disney. If you wait until that faithful night to unlock your chastity belt, whether it be for the first time with your partner, or your first time ever, you’ll probably regret it.

Allow me to explain.

To begin with, the first time is never going to be what you expect.

You may think you know your partner like the back of your hand, but you won’t truly know everything about each other until you’ve slept together. Naked moments reveal things: insecurities, desires, maybe even fetishes, things that can only be disclosed through sexual experience.

Mate-seekers critique personality, quirks and other traits to determine if their relationships will work. Sexual compatibility should not be forgotten.

Now, I’m not saying you have to go and have sex with everyone to find your soul mate. Sex should not be taken lightly; only do it with someone you are seriously considering for a long-term relationship or marriage.

While I don’t believe sex should wait, I do believe people should hold off on unprotected sex until marriage. 

Restraining from the forbidden fruit can also create a whole new dilemma: mistaking lust for love.

We all like to think we’re driven by more than just animalistic instincts. Honestly though, there’s a chance pure sex drive will rush the wedding bells.                                                                                      You’ll also want to keep in mind your first sex session is never going to be as pleasant as the second. Or the third, or the fourth.

For the ladies, especially, the first time is not going to be enjoyable at all. Just for the sake of those who somehow still don’t know this, I’ll spell it out: It hurts.

Who in her right mind would want a painful wedding night? Do yourself a favor if you want that dreamy honeymoon and at least have a practice run.

Plus, the first time, especially for virgins, is going to be a little awkward. Imagine the first time you rode a bike. Yep, that’s what it’s going to be like. 

Even if you both aren’t virgins it can be just as weird. You aren’t going to be familiar with bodily sweet spots or no-no zones. There’s going to be some stumbling and scrambling. You might even be so nervous you won’t enjoy it.

People usually wait until their wedding night to ignite an intense first-time flame. If you think premarital sex will dull that passion for your wedding night, you’re wrong.

No matter what, it’s still going to be your wedding night. Simply knowing that will spark a whole new passion, and the sex will be fantastic.

Sex is one thing; marriage is another. Just make sure you understand losing your virginity is not all flowers and fireworks. If you’re still dead set on saving it until your wedding night, don’t be surprised if it isn’t exactly teeming with sparks and roses.