Red Storm beat down CWU

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The Red Storm came back and brought down the No. 1 team in the conference, Central Washington University.

CWU started the game with the punt, and Red Storm began the game with an effective defense.

Dixie moved the ball down the field on the first set of downs but couldn’t connect to the end zone in time. DSC kicked a field goal, leading the game 3-0.

The ball was returned to CWU, but the Red Storm’s defense was too strong, and the ball came back to Dixie.

On the next set of downs, the ball was passed to senior wide receiver Zack Fox, which put Dixie at the 20-yard line. That run set The Red Storm up for a touchdown by sophomore wide receiver Randon Willard. This touchdown put Dixie in the lead 10-0.

But CWU quickly came back with its first touchdown of the game. By the end of the half the score was 10-7 Dixie.

CWU had a strong second half. The Wild Cats scored a touchdown off a pick in the third quarter, putting pressure on Dixie’s offense. CWU was now in the lead 10-14.

CWU came back again with a 22-yard rush for a touchdown. The Wild Cats led with less than nine minutes left in the third quarter.

But later in the third quarter DSC’s junior quarterback Griff Robles threw another Red Storm touchdown. He was blocked and CWU still led with 21-16.

DSC’s defense made some efficient plays and held off CWU. In the end of the fourth quarter, Robles scored to end the game with a DSC victory of 29-21.

DSC had a total of 587 yards of total offense. The Red Storm move on to 3-3 overall and 3-2 in the GNAC.