Rules for Advertising on campus change, dean of students explains

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Campus cleanliness is top priority when it comes to what can and cannot be tacked to Dixie State College’s advertising boards.

Dean of Students Del Beatty is making changes to the student advertising policy allowing students to post fliers, but in a way that keeps things tidy.

According to the new policy, all posters must be approved and stamped by Beatty in his office. All fliers must contain a contact name and phone number, and fliers must be computer-generated.

“Fliers are not meant to look like craft projects,” Beatty said. “It makes the school look trashy.”

Beatty said there are few changes to the policy but most are minor.

“There are just a few small things like only push pins are allowed, not tape or staples,” Beatty said. “It just keeps things in uniform and doesn’t distract from the school.”

Janie Lundgreen, a freshman general education major from Monroe, has posters on campus bulletins advertising her jewelry business.

Lundgreen said she was unaware of the policy change.

“I didn’t even know there was a policy,” Lundgreen said. “I just thought it was open for any student to post things up.”

Lundgreen said she was not excited for new rules but understood why they needed to be made.

“Putting restrictions on things makes sense because you don’t want to see vulgarity everywhere you go, but at the same time, it just makes things more complicated,” Lundgreen said. “It just seems like it is going to take up so much more time to figure out what I am supposed to do without it being illegal.”

There are 27 student boards around campus, with most of the campus buildings having at least two boards or more inside.

“We will be adding more [bulletin boards] as we find necessary while the campus continues to be reconstructed,” Beatty said.

Beatty said students have to go to his office to get the stamp of approval before posting.

“You can either set up an appointment to meet with me, or just come to my office and have me check your poster,” Beatty said. “It really shouldn’t be a hassle. All I really do is scan for vulgarity and professionalism.”

Those interested in making appointments with Beatty can call his office at 652-7514 or visit him in the Gardner Center in room 202.