Watching football made easy via local restaurants

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It’s football season, and you either have to pay for the Season Pass and DirecTV or miss out on some of your team’s most exciting games.

While watching the game from the comfort of your own home may no longer be an option, St. George offers some great places to go to watch your favorite team play. 

Kayla Holman, a freshman elementary education major from Washington, said the best place to watch any sport is at Iggy’s Sports Grill.

“Iggy’s usually has the game on, and the atmosphere is cool and relaxed,” Holman said. “Plus they have great food.”

Iggy’s, located at 148 S. 1470 East, is a dimly lit, bar-centered restaurant with three large TVs extending from the ceiling. Everyone can see the game from every angle.

Applebee’s, located at 156 S. River Road, and Chili’s, located at 311 Red Cliffs Drive, also play the games during certain times. 

Rebecca DiVernierno, assistant professor of communication, said Iggy’s and Applebee’s are the perfect places to watch the games.

“There is always a lot of people and a lot of good energy at both places,” DiVernierno said. “It’s appropriate because people aren’t yelling at each other, just (at) the game itself.”

DiVernierno said Iggy’s offers a free Monday night football raffle where they give away player memorabilia.

Jonathan Gleave, a freshman business major from Mesquite, Nev., said the only place to watch a game is at Buffalo Wild Wings. 

“I wish we had [Buffalo Wild Wings] here in St. George,” Gleave said. “I love the wings, the game and all the TV screens they have.”

Gleave said Iggy’s would be the best place here in St. George to watch the football game, but he would rather watch it from the comfort of his own home.

While people’s preferences on where they like to watch their games vary, many people seem to love Iggy’s the most.

People can sit at the bar or sit at a booth, and large groups are always welcome. They have appetizers, including fried chicken bites, free bread and good chips and salsa. 

No matter the place, St. George has plenty of restaurants for those sports fanatics trying to find a great place to watch their favorite team.