Fur among many elements of season’s fashion

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While it may not seem like it in southern Utah, fall season is here, and so is the season’s newest fashion.

Though shorts and a tank may be the best outfit for the 70-80 degree weather in St. George, blazers, scarves and Ugg boots are filling the streets in northern Utah. So are this fall season’s trends the same as last year?

Jessica Jensen, a sophomore psychology major from Herriman, said she can find new trends anywhere, but her favorite places are Express and Nordstrom.

“The fun thing about trends is that they seem to recycle themselves,” Jensen said. “I think there are many different places to find the newest fashion. It all just depends on your price range. If you need something cheaper, there is always H&M and Forever 21.”

Jensen said her absolute favorite thing to wear during fall is a skinny jean with any type of boot.

“It doesn’t matter what style of boots, whether they are combat, knee-high, thigh-high, etc., I can make an outfit complete with a cute pair of boots,” Jensen said. “I also love to wear cardigans and scarves.” 

According to Vogue’s October 2012 issue, the newest fall season fashion trends are going to be a lot of fur with large stylish jackets, leather boots and floral prints.

Kate Bailey, store manager at Buckle in the Red Cliffs Mall, agreed that this fall will be full of fur and prints.

“We’ve already received a lot of fur vests and jackets for this fall season’s collection,” Bailey said. “And the mixture and layering of prints is going to be a big trend.”

Bailey said the men’s collection is going to be just as interesting.

“The company is representing the preppy look, like sweater vests with plaid shirts underneath,” Bailey said. “Rougher men are going to be wearing [Buckle brand] Affliction with embellishments.”

Bailey said there is also a new industrial arts look for men that involves tucking their pants into boots.

“We expect it to be a huge trend among men,” Bailey said. “ [It’s] a straight leg, kind of messy look.”

Bailey also said oversized T-shirts, straight leg, boot-friendly jeans and leggings will be just as popular this season as they were last.

“I’ve seen a lot of cool new leggings out in stores,” Jensen said. “They are all different prints and fabrics, but I wonder if they will last throughout the season and into the cooler weather.”

Jensen said she’s seen a lot of vests and scarves and thinks these are going to be part of this year’s newest trends.

Mitchell Thacker, a freshman business major from St. George, said as a man he doesn’t really think about the newest fall trend.

“I wear jackets and hoodies when it starts cooling down but nothing too fancy,” Thacker said. “I do like it when girls get dressed up though.”

Thacker said he likes letterman jackets and dark jeans during the fall and winter season.

“Whatever looks good looks good,” Thacker said. “I’m sure the girls will find some cool new things to wear.”

Jensen said she always tries to wear an outfit that makes her look and feel professional.

“An outfit can make you stand out,” Jensen said. “I always try to think of that when I’m deciding what I want to wear each day.”