Miss Dixie crown passed to Krissia Beatty

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It’s not all tiaras and tears on stage; the participants of the Miss Dixie Pageant are standing for something much bigger.

Hayley Weaver, Dixie State College’s 2011-2012 Miss Dixie title holder, passed on the crown to Krissia Beatty, a sophomore business major from St. George, Tuesday night at a lively event held at the Cox Auditorium.

Alana Lee, a junior communication major from North Las Vegas and a former Miss Dixie title holder, hosted the evening, and the competition started with 13 hopeful contestants all hoping to be crowned Miss Dixie.

Following the opening number, contestants were brought on stage one-by-one and introduced by hometown, educational goals and platforms. Contestants proved to be well aware of the issues facing society today with platforms such as breast cancer prevention, foster care and no texting while driving.

Mikelle Randall, a sophomore biology major from St. George, was impressed with the contestants’ overall thought they put into their preparation.

“They all did really well,” Randall said. “I was impressed with the creativity of the contestants’ answers and their talents as well.”

Patrons applauded as contestants strutted their stuff first in ’80s-inspired neon colors, then a crowd favorite, swimwear, and onto the elegance of evening wear.

The talent portion of the competition was especially exciting for onlookers.

Contestant Sarah McComb, a sophomore general education major from St. George, engaged the crowd in a unique hip-hop sign language combination that flowed nicely with the theme for the evening. Other contestants, like first runner-up Kelby Morrison, a freshman music major from Oakley, Idaho, dazzled the crowd with their vocal flairs.

The evening progressed with introductions of the judges, clarification of the scoring, and various entertainment acts in between segments.

Contestants strolled once more around stage and lined up together, some hand-in-hand, as the victors were announced.

Carlie Brotherson claimed the fourth runner-up position, Sara Wulfenstein was third-runner up, and Mckall Spears was awarded second runner-up. The top two titles were awarded to Morrison, who claimed the first runner-up and Miss Red Cliffs title, with Beatty receiving the Miss Dixie 2012-2013 title. 

“With this pageant, I honestly just wanted it so bad because I now know the impact I can have on people and the role that I play as a title holder,” Beatty said, whose platform is the importance of foster care. 

Beatty now knows what it feels like to be a title holder and feels blessed to have been given such an opportunity. Excited and anxious to begin her efforts, Beatty keeps grounded as she looks ahead at what’s to come.  

“I’ve never felt like I was going to cry after something like that, but when they said my name, I just felt so humbled,” Beatty said. “I’m so excited to represent Dixie.” 

Beatty will now have the opportunity to compete in the Miss Utah Pageant, where she could potentially move on to compete in the Miss America Pageant.

Beatty is excited for what’s to come being a title holder. 

“I’m going to go full-force,” Beatty said. “I want to be at everything at Homecoming and then plan the Women’s Achievement Conference and just be what Dixie needs.” 

The immediate future for Beatty looks promising, and even a pageant queen must eat.   Her post-pageant plans: meeting some friends at Denny’s. 

“I can’t wait to eat a steak!” Beatty said.