Blue pummels Red in annual Homecoming Powderpuff game

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Strong plays by the Blue team of sophomores and juniors lead the team to Powderpuff victory against the Red team of freshmen and seniors. 

The Blue team won the coin toss at the beginning of the game.

Right from the start, the Red team used a lot of trick hand-offs but fumbled quite a few times. On the first drive, the Red team got inside the 10-yard line, but the Blue team forced a turnover on downs.

When the Blue team had control of the ball it gained 35 yards on the first play. Later from the 5-yard line, Blue raced the football to what was thought to be a touchdown but was denied because of an illegal block.

At halftime, the score was tied at zero.

The Rebelinas treated the audience to a superb halftime show as they performed a dance routine to Billboard Top 100’s Song of the Summer: “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. There were lifts, leaps and many well-executed spins.

Things heated up in the second half of the game. With 13:46 left, the Red team intercepted the ball but did not score because a player from the Blue team launched and landed on the Red team player with the ball. It ended the play with a knee to her head. The Blue team was faulted a personal foul.

The Red team lost the momentum it had at the beginning of the game while the Blue team only grew stronger as the game progressed.

As the clock ran out, the score remained tied at zero, and the game was sent into overtime.

The Blue team ultimately scored a touchdown and conversion with the next play to beat the Red team 8-0 in overtime.