Confident men need not fear dating taller women

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To all my leggy lady friends, I get it; tall men are in short supply.

If we wear heels, they are lucky to rest their chins on our shoulders. Does this mean we hide our fashionable shoes, slouch everywhere we go, and bat not one eye at the vertically challenged? Absolutely not.

For me, as I am sure it was for many of you, this dilemma began in middle school. While other girls matured in shape and cup size, the only things that grew on me were my inseam and shoe size.

I towered over every pre-pubescent boy in my grade. This made the boyfriend/girlfriend scene a miserable experience, but I looked toward high school with high hopes of boys who had matured and achieved a height similar to mine.

While high school offered a wide variety of male statures, I found my sights stuck on a boy nearly three inches shorter than I. He was wonderful, and even though I didn’t wear heels to prom, I dated this boy because he made me happy.

The handful of serious relationships I have been in since then have all been with boys who don’t quite reach eye level. The height difference has never been the demise of a happy relationship for me and should not deter you, fellow glamazons, from dating the boy who makes you happy.

Some might say a taller woman makes her man look less masculine. But unless said taller woman happens to be a body builder as well, we can assume that her male companion can bench at least double what she can.

Muscles aside, a man who is secure enough with himself to be the shorter stature in a relationship speaks more about his masculinity than a man who needs to be taller to feel content.

If he can’t handle your height, there will be someone else who can.

As much as I hated my height growing up, I have learned to appreciate the benefits that come with it, as well as realize that there are girls who would kill for a few more inches. How many supermodels do you know who are the average female height?

The bottom line is tall is considered sexy, and who are we to tell shorter men they are unworthy of dating someone sexy? You know his buddies are high fiving him behind your back for scoring a girl with legs for days like yours.

As I mentioned before, I didn’t wear heels to prom. This decision was entirely mine. My boyfriend told me I was to wear whatever I wanted to prom, and if that meant heels that made our height difference more significant, it would not bother him one bit. If your guy complains about a couple of temporary inches, he is already struggling with insecurities that you don’t need to deal with.

Tall ladies of the world, my heart is with you. Date the man who makes you happy, wear the heels that make you taller, and if he complains there is too much of you, point him to a woman he can handle.