Intramural begins wrap-up with final game registrations

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Paperwork and office hours are a thing of the past for Dixie State College intramural sports, and the ease of access has made this year great for enrollment.

“It’s been really good this year,” said intramural staffer Shalice Petersen, a senior psychology major from Orem. “We just started to do this new program that is all online.”

Last year the students had to fill out paperwork and bring it into the office, but since Dixie now has the online program, all students can register online.

To sign up for intramurals, students can go to Athleague.com and set up accounts using their email. From there, they can set up teams and invite people to play.

Fitness Center Director Christian Hildebrandt said students can also go to the intramural office anytime and sign up that way. They just need to have a profile on Athleague as well, and they can sign up for whatever they want.

“It’s kind of like Facebook,” Hildebrandt said. “If you want to be on a team, you can go in and say, ‘I want to friend that, or be on that team.’ So it is pretty slick that way.”

On the website, students can check their records and schedules, become free agents, and find anything they need to find out about their teams.

With the new system, DSC still gets the same number of turnouts for intramurals, but now there is a wider range of people who sign up for it.

Intramural staffer Lynzee Crosland, a senior elementary education major from Kemmerer, Wyo., said, “We have a lot more diversity now in our sports because it’s easier—rather than the same people who have played for the last years, and that has been a plus.”

Some of the winners this semester have been The Honey Badgers for flag football and the Koolaid Kids for the coed flag football.

Coming up next for intramurals is Doubles ping-pong, men’s and women’s 3-on-3 basketball, and coed 3-on-3 basketball. Registration for these sports ended Friday.

Also, the deadline for “Madden NFL 12” registration is due Nov. 11. And last, Dixie has the annual Turkey Bowl. The Turkey Bowl is a flag football tournament that about ten different teams get to participate in. Registration for the Turkey Bowl is due Nov. 30.

“We are hoping that the 3-on-3 basketball is really big,” Crosland said. “That is usually the biggest.”

Hildebrandt said he is always looking for ways to make intramurals better. There are so many people who want to sign up for intramurals; the only problem is finding enough space for everybody to play. He said it’s the better situation to be in rather than nobody signing up at all.

Petersen said flag football is also one of the biggest and most intense sports for intramurals. She said the guys get pretty intense.

“It’s fun staying involved with the students as they play different sports and such,” said Robbie Nielson, a freshman business major from Gresham, Ore. “Just watching them compete, overall it is just real fun.”