Intramural team registration expedited with Athleague program

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School is just around the corner and the normal routine is to find friends, stay active, and in this case, play the sports students are passionate about. 

Intramurals are something students can look forward to. The intramural sports range from football to swim meets, so there is something for every type of student in this department.

Instead of the system in past years, where students had to continually go into the office to sign up, the intramural league at Dixie State College made it easier and put it all at the students’ fingertips.

“We used to do it in the office on paper,” intramural specialist Dave Howell said. “But we actually got affiliated with this new online thing called Athleague. Every individual can sign up through Athleague, and can register through Athleague and it’s free.”

All students need is a username and password, and they will be able to create their team and email other students who they would like to participate. On this website students will also be able to see leagues, sign-up dates, schedules, announcements, schedule changes, team pictures, rosters and intramural champions.

“We are not really seeing what we used to see when we had more dominant teams,” Howell said. “We’re seeing more people participate, more balanced teams, it’s a lot more competitive, more people on the same level playing each other, and we have a lot of different winners with every sport every year.”

With intramurals this year, you are looking at a lot more than just something to do. It is a combination of the love of the game and having fun. 

“Our basketball is always the most competitive,” intramural registrar Chalise Petersen said. “All of the sports are pretty competitive. The people that sign up for intramurals are usually passionate about the ones that they sign up for, so it’s always fun to watch.”

The ones that are coming up fast are coed football, fantasy football, men’s and women’s 4v4 volleyball, and coed 4v4 sand volleyball. All of those sports are scheduled through September.

If you are interested, check Athleague for future updates about future sports and registration. You can log onto Dixie.edu/Intramurals, click “register here” and start your teams now.