Change includes more of the same

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The election should have been based on political issues; instead, it was focused on Obama’s life growing up and Big Bird.

It feels like the media and politicians were more focused on the little things that don’t affect the country (sorry Big Bird), leaving out the true raw politics. And that leaves us with another four years of things “changing.”

But I was not surprised with the result. Anyone who can seduce a vote with just a smile can obviously seduce other country leaders to have our backs, which is not a bad thing in my book. Obama is charismatic and personable, and that’s what the people want.

But what do I want? I want my Facebook timeline to cease the complaints. I get that you like Romney better, but are you really going to move to France just to get away from what is yet to come? Why not just pull a Katniss Everdeen and start a revolution and cause all the people to flee to District 13? That seems more realistic.

Maybe it’s the fear of the unknown, but I can’t imagine Obama has some crazy conspiracy like those discussed in the documentary “Obama 2016.”

I believe when Obama was thrown into the presidency four years ago, he had a lot already on his plate. The economic crisis was not 100 percent his fault. Recessions are recurring, and they happen about every 10 years. But ours was greater than most, and the fact is we are still paying for the aftermath of the recession.

We are also paying for Obamacare. It is still kind of a fuzzy thing for people on whether it’s good or bad. There are so many changes to health care that people to this day are confused about or even unaware of. On one hand, it’s like car insurance and is required for you to purchase the minimum insurance package to ensure your safety. On the other hand, health care costs and taxes have gone up and will continue to go up.

Regardless of what anyone says, we all go to the hospital; we were born there. With that in mind, you need a plan for when an emergency may arise and you need money. Insurance is the way to go. Something did need to happen with the original health insurance plans, but was it the right route to take?

Other than health care, when are all of these changes going to happen?

How are things different from when Bush was elected president for the second time? People despised him, and still do, yet they elected him again. Citizens say they want change, but in reality they are just going to stay the same.

As much as people complain about change, they truly fear the unknown even more. We are still secure as a country, so Obama has been doing his job to the best of his abilities.

We’ve lived with it for four years now, so here’s to another four.