Campus reactions split on election outcome

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Social networking sites are still exploding with election opinions and reactions.

Barack Obama was re-elected Tuesday night, and whether it was excitement or distaste, many people had something to say about it.

“I’ve heard a lot of people say they are moving out of the country since Obama was re-elected,” said Vanessa Giebink, a freshman general education major from Mesquite, Nev. “I was excited to hear he had won; we share a lot of the same views.”

Giebink said it was hard to watch the election at her apartment with her roommates.

“There was two of us that voted for Obama, and then the other two had voted for [Mitt] Romney,” Giebink said. “Everybody was yelling their opinions, and it pissed me off.”

Morgan Cheney, a freshman nursing major from Mesquite, Nev., said while she didn’t vote, she was upset that Obama won.

“I really think Obama is going to run this country into the ground,” Cheney said. “I wanted Romney to win because Obama’s policies are a joke.”

Cheney said she thinks he was re-elected because there are more lazy people in America who want free money than hard working people who deserve it.

Jennifer Kohler, an instructor of communication, said she also voted for Romney this election but had voted for Obama four years ago.

“I was mildly disappointed,” Kohler said. “Obama is a smart person with good intentions, and I think he will do well.”

Kohler said she thinks Obama made it back into office because the Republicans do not connect well with the minority.

Linda Earl, the Market at Dixie supervisor, said she was very disappointed with how the election went this year.

“I voted for Romney this year,” Earl said. “I felt Romney did better in the debates.”

Earl said she believes the election was very underhanded.

“Obama won because of the give-aways with the unions, bailouts and welfare,” Earl said. “He won the majority vote because people want things to be handed to them.”

Giebink said she doesn’t believe that people want things to just get handed to them, but that some people actually need it.

“I voted for Obama because I could relate to him and his policies,” Giebink said. “I’m a college student and I work. But if it weren’t for loans and grants and things that Obama is going to keep offering us, then I wouldn’t be here.”

Giebink said she is happy the election is over so that people can go back to their daily lives but said she is still happy with the outcome.

“Of course I was excited Obama won,” Giebink said. “But I didn’t yell about it. I’m not here to offend other people.”