Press Release: DSC offers study abroad opportunities

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Dixie State College is pleased to announce a recent expansion of its study abroad offerings and programs.  

In addition to the popular Costa Rica trip led by Kelly Bringhurst, an associate professor of geology, or the art trip to Europe led by Glen Blakley, a professor of art, the college is also offering faculty-lead trips to China and Italy.  

Hyrum LaTurner, an assistant professor of philosophy, said the China trip will take participants to the birthplace of Confucianism where they will learn to better appreciate Chinese political thought and culture.  

The trip will also include a side trip to see the famous Terracotta warriors near Xian, China, and also an excursion to Beijing to see the Great Wall and other local sites.

Another new trip planned for next summer is to the Dolomite region of Italy, where students will study the geological features of the area along with excursions to several cultural sites and museums.    

For those interested in seeing the tropical rain forests of Costa Rica, Bringhurst will be leading a trip with the course focusing on the geographic and biodiversity of the area.  

“There is an estimated 500,000 to 1 million plant and animal species,” Bringhurst said. “[And there are] more than 850 separate bird species.”  

For the “Holy Grail of Art Trips,” students are encouraged to come on the 20-day excursion led by Blakley.  

In addition to visiting such culturally rich cities as London, Paris, Rome and Florence, the trip also includes a Greek Island cruise.    

Most of the trips will take place during the month of May and will last two to three weeks.    

Applications are currently being accepted with a first deposit due by January 15th.  Those not interested in taking the courses for college credit can still register by auditing the course for no grade.  

If interested, go online and apply at http://www.dixie.edu/study%20abroad/ or call 435-652-7689 for more information.