Semester’s best students honored

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The biannual Student of the Semester banquet celebrated students with glittery plaques and a scrumptious lunch.

The Gardner Center Ballroom was set for a feast on Nov. 29. Professors distributed accolades to the chosen students and explained why they earned the title of Student of the Semester.

Professors from all majors nominated students from all walks of life for their excellence in the classroom. Reasons for the selections included good attendance, reliability in turning in assignments, quality group skills, and a dedication to learning, among many other reasons.

“Put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to try new things and be yourself all the time, because it pays off,” said Meghan Allen, a freshman criminal justice major from Grantsville.

They excel academically through discipline and hard work.

“Work hard and give your best work on every assignment because obviously the professors are watching and they will reward you for your hard work,” said Tiffany Whitehead, a senior English major from Santa Clara.

They put in the extra hour, or hours, to go above and beyond what is required of them.

“Don’t focus on getting an award or anything like that,” said Kaitlyn Stone, a senior music major from Highland. “Just do your absolute best. Sometimes you can put off a paper or let things slide, and you’re OK with maybe not getting the highest grade or going beyond the expectation, but if you let your education actually influence you and take it to another level, that’s what student of the semester is.”