Combat flu before it starts; keep hands clean

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Students will have more than books and classes to worry about this semester; sore throats and runny noses could trump any scholastic priorities.

Flu season is still in full swing, and chances of contracting an illness are high. Until the spring, strep throat, the common cold, and sinus and respiratory infections are prominent illnesses.

There are many techniques students can try to get over the flu without a visit to the doctor’s office.

“Whenever I’m sick I just slowdown,” said Cheyenne Dutson, a sophomore elementary education major from Hurricane. “I rest a lot, and I don’t do anything that needs a lot of energy.” 

One of the easiest ways to combat illness is to wash your hands and get plenty of rest. Shauna Zundel, a registered nurse at the Dixie State College Health and Wellness Center, said these simple tasks can prevent most illnesses.

If students think they are sick, they are more than welcome to visit the Health and Wellness Center, located at 34 N. 600 East. A visit costs $10, and students can just walk when feeling sick, but by making an appointment, students ensure they see someone in a timely manner. 

Most cold-causing viruses thrive in the colder weather between the months of September and May. Given how many viruses there are, and how many months these viruses thrive, chances are students will get sick. There are ways to combat these symptoms.

 “I’m always drinking orange juice when I get sick,” said Dakota Smith, a sophomore elementary education major from Heber City. “If I can’t get ahold of orange juice, I drink tons of water.”

According to Alternative Medicine Magazine, drinking fluids, especially drinks high in Vitamin C, will help students fight off infections quicker. Another home remedy is to eat chicken noodle soup, preferably homemade. Homemade soup is much more effective than soup in a can. Chicken contains a natural amino acid called cysteine which thins mucus in the lungs, making it easy to expel. The spicier the soup, the better; spices like cayenne pepper break up mucus in the body and help students fight off illnesses. 

Students should also remember that sometimes staying home is the best solution.

“The Health and Wellness Center can give you a release for your teacher, so you don’t go to class and spread illnesses,” Zundel said.

With a new semester starting up, keeping stress levels low may seem like an impossible task, but by keeping relaxed, students will be able to focus less on their illnesses and more on classes.