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Using Muslims as scapegoats typical, hurtful, unacceptable

With the recent tragedy that was the Boston bombing, it’s no surprise the bigots have come out of the woodwork, specifically toward the people of Islam or those of Middle Eastern descent. I am saying nothing against the families and friends of those harmed in the bombing. My deepest sympathies go to those families and […]

Online scholarships offer additional dollars

Getting an education is undoubtedly expensive, but students at Dixie State University needn’t worry. Even if you’ve applied for all the scholarships through the financial aid office that you’re eligible for, there are plenty of scholarships you can apply for online. “Not only will our financial aid office help students get the money they need, […]

Summer promises array of movies

With the launch of multiple hits and flops, this summer has potential to be a summer to remember when it comes to new films.  “I love movies,” said Matthew Hansen, a sophomore communicationmajor from Salt Lake City. “They are the highlight of my summer because that’s when most of the good films come out.” With […]

Beauty pageants lower women’s self-worth, self-esteem

Beauty pageants are a plague on our society. From infancy on, beauty pageants teach women that all you need to succeed in life is beauty. The pressures and expectations of pageants can lead to plastic surgery and eating disorders as young girls strive to achieve perfection that doesn’t exist. Both my cousin and I were […]

GSA to take vow of silence against LGBT bullying

Students all across the U.S. will take a vow of silence on April 19. These students will be silent to protest any type of bullying against members of the LGBT community. Day of Silence is a student-led national event that brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools. Students from middle school to […]

Obscure sites win praise, garner happy user base

Although Facebook, Twitter and YouTube play a big part in daily life, students have found other sites to meet their Internet needs. Through word of mouth and chance finds, the lesser-known sites are often catered to a certain demographic and give users a sense of satisfaction for finding them. “I hate popular websites,” said Samantha […]

Chalk art competition canceled

Though the rain washed away the chalk, it didn’t wash away the Dixie State University Student Association’s plans for D-Week. Due to bad weather conditions, the D-Week kick-off, which involved clubs and students drawing with chalk by the fountain, was canceled. “It was disappointing that the weather wasn’t good,” said DSUSA Social Chair Ashley Graf, […]

Rape culture must be eliminated

There is something wrong with a society when the victim of a crime is blamed. A 16-year-old girl gets raped at a high school party after she has been drinking excessively. The culprits: two high school football stars. The rape was broadcast on YouTube and Twitter. Nobody at the party intervenes. The two rapists get […]

DSUSA using social media to up D-Week attendance

The Dixie State University Student Association is focusing more on student involvement when it comes to this year’s D-Week. By using social media and talking to every student they see, the D-Week committee members are making sure students get involved in all the planned activities. “College is some of the best times in a person’s […]

Report shows college-age pregnancies up in Utah

Though the teen pregnancy rate in the United States overall has been declining since 1990, on a state level, Utah’s teen pregnancy rate has increased, including for teens who are in college. Utah’s teen pregnancy rate went up by 12 percent, according to a new report on the most current state-level data on pregnancy, birthrates […]