Wrestling club seeks new members

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The wrestling club is getting into shape after Christmas break and prepared for its return to the mat Jan 9.

The wrestlers will dueled against Embry-Riddle Aeronautics University and then competed an open tournament the following day.             

“I think we are going to do pretty well,” head coach Brian Pace said before the event. “We need to get into a little bit better shape because of the break.”

But the club would like to have more men on its team. 

The wrestling club is currently looking for a 133-pound wrestler, a 235-pound wrestler and a 285-pound heavy weight wrestler.

With those changes, the wrestling club could actually compete for the West Coast Conference title. 

“Since it’s our second year [being a club], we have more people,” said sophomore Brian Curtis, a business major from Perry. “We know more about which tournaments we want to go, and we are just more prepared all around.”

The Red Storm recently attended the Utah Valley University open on Jan. 5. There they competed against Division I and Division II schools, as well as some junior colleges. That is where Curtis ended up taking third place.

 “[The tournament] went good and bad,” Curtis said. “I didn’t do as well as I hoped. But I beat a kid I lost to earlier.”

Pace said it was a good experience.

“The only downfall is it was the first tournament after the break,” Pace said. “And the team was a little bit under the weather. So there was some success, but not what I was looking for. “

Pace said although the team didn’t perform as well as hoped, the wrestlers are still warriors.

Sophomore Jalen Weaver won five points with a pin, a bye, and a forfeit, and Curtis also won six with a pin for the team.

“[Wrestling] has come a long way, and we have more dedicated wrestlers,” Pace said.

He says when the wrestlers come to practice, they work hard. The team is moving forward and has been accomplishing the goal of placing in tournaments.

Curtis said he has lost some matches that he shouldn’t have.

“But I was able to beat them later in the year,” Curtis said. “So I got my revenge. I was happy about that.”

Along with Curtis, Weaver was successful in his match.

“Jalen did pretty good,” Curtis said. “He had one of the harder weight classes. He almost placed, but he barely missed it.”

Pace said each wrestler has come a long way.

“Jalen Weaver… always stands out, [as well as] Ty Mangum and Brian Curtis,” Pace said. “But pretty much the whole team. I can’t really pick one or the other because they all have their own special issues and are improving, so [the whole club] has all done well.”

Pace said he hopes they continue to improve and get those extra men who are needed to fill the space over the next two months before the conference championship.

Those interested in signing up for the wrestling club you have until Feb. 8 before the club cannot accept anymore participants. The club practices Monday through Thursday at 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. All you need to do is show up and the captains will set the rest up for you.

Or you can also comment on their Facebook page at, www.Facebook.com/RedStormWrestling.