Child stars penchant for peaking early irks some students

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Child star actors seem to disappear and then reappear with time.

Students talked about their favorite shows growing up and discussed what they are doing now that the shows that made them famous are canceled.

Sawyer Hamblin, a freshman general education major from Daybreak, said he grew up on “Boy Meets World.”

“The Matthews family was just like my family,” Hamblin said. “Cory was my 

Hamblin said it was upsetting as a child to watch the show get canceled, but he thought the actors were getting too old anyway.

“They were in college and getting married,” Hamblin said. “I mean that’s a great thing for girls to watch, but I was getting bored of it anyways. The actors were old, so I thought they would move onto other roles too.”

After “Boy Meets World,” Ben Savage, who played Cory Matthews, did not take on very many roles. He made a few appearances on other shows like “Chuck” and “Without a Trace” but is now working on a show called “Girl Meets World.”

“I think [‘Girl Meets World’] is supposed to be like ‘Boy Meets World,’ but now Cory is the dad and it’s about his daughter,” Hamblin said. 

According to “Us Weekly,” the show will start filming in February and it confirmed the show is about Cory Matthews’ daughter.

While some actors disappear for a while, others just keep showing up.

Leah Jensen, a junior business major from West Jordan, said she thinks most of her favorite actors just keep working.

“I grew up with Ryan Gosling on ‘The Mickey Mouse Club,’ and then he moved on to bigger things like ‘Remember the Titans,’” Jensen said. “He didn’t develop any crazy drug habits. He just got more attractive with age.”

Some actors stick around but for unknown reasons.

Brianne Adams, a sophomore general education major from Monroe, was obsessed with “Full House.”

“The Olsen twins were the best,” Adams said. “They were so funny with their one-liners and attitude.”

Adams said they are now really skinny and slightly insane.

“I know they grew up and started their own fashion lines,” Adams said. “I think fashion is what contributed to their anorexia and all the weird stuff they do now. One of them is dating this really old man.”

Mary Kate Olsen has been said to be dating a French man who is 16 years older than she.

According to celebritynetworth.com, each of the Olsen twins is worth $150 million.

“They are super rich, and I don’t think ‘Full House’ is where they made all of their money,” Adams said.

Along with “Full House,” the Olsen twins had a number of videos contributing to the Olsen fortune as well.

Composition Chair Cheri Crenshaw said she thinks the reason these actors are still around is because of the way we feed into their lives.

“Even though most people would say their careers seem to be over, our obsessions with their work always seems to bring them back.”

Crenshaw also said she thinks that our obsessions make and break their careers, and that their careers are never really destroyed because the tabloids always bring them back. 

Actors make a comeback, never disappear, or shift gears and choose a different career path. Whatever it is they choose, they are still around and don’t seem to be going anywhere, ever.