Students’ taste in music as diverse as love

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A person doesn’t have to be in a relationship to appreciate a good love song.

Tastes in music and artists vary as much as tastes in people, and there seems to be specially tailored love songs for almost every genre of music. Even people who prefer the deep beats of techno can muster the courage to admit there’s a love song they love.

Megan Durbin, a freshman health science major from Granite Bay, Calif., said she’s not a fan of music genres that usually produce gushy, affectionate tunes.

“There’s a reason I’m single,” she said jokingly. “All the music I’m into is alternative. It’s dance music. I like Beats Antique, and I’ve never heard any love songs from them.”

But given a moment or two to reflect, Durbin was able to come up with a few exceptions to her no-love-song play list.

“I’m an ‘80s fan, so a lot of the ‘80s (love) songs are just classics to me,” she said.

She said almost every ‘80s classic is a love song. From “Always Something There To Remind Me,” to “Never Gonna Give You Up,” it’s fair to say a person can’t rattle through a list of catchy chart-topping ‘80s tunes and not come across a majority of love songs.

Durbin also said Celine Dion is a go-to artist for the stereotypical love ballads. 

“And there’s always that classic ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from ‘Titanic,’” Durbin said.

Other students said a love song doesn’t have to be slow and melodic to convey the point.

Lexie Colter, a freshman undecided major from Reno, Nev., said she prefers songs and bands with a little more pop.

She said “Animal” by Neon Trees was her favorite song about love, or rather, getting busy.

“It’s a sex song,” she said.

Children of the ‘90s sometimes latch onto a particular group or song and hold to it forever. Kenneth Ochoa, a sophomore business major from Las Vegas, is one of those. He said he couldn’t pick out a particular song, but he at least had a favorite band.

“I have to go with the band Sugar Ray,” he said. “I would think ‘Every Morning’ (counts as a love song). That’s probably the only one.”

There can’t be a discussion about love songs without the country genre being thrown into the mix. From Taylor Swift to Carrie Underwood, it’s obvious that country carries with it a lot of romantic angst.

Sterling Elliot, a junior integrated studies major from Katy, Texas, thinks country produces the best kind of love songs. And as far as those songs are concerned, he’s particularly fond of one that reminds him of home.

For Elliot, that song is “She’s Like Texas,” by Josh Abbot.

“It’s such a good song,” he said. “I like country music.”

Paul Morris, a sophomore general education major from South Jordan, is on the same page as Elliot when it comes to the love song style of country music.

He said “Whatever It Is” by Zac Brown Band is the best country love song he can think of.

But, despite there being a wide array of heartstring-tugging tunes, there are also people who simply don’t like, and refuse to listen to, a good love melody. Patrick Kelly, a junior integrated studies major from St. George, said picking a favorite love song would be impossible for him because he simply can’t stand them.

“I don’t have one,” he said. “Not at all. We don’t need a song to make ourselves feel better. They make me depressed. They’re ridiculous. I have a girlfriend, but [love songs] make me sad. I get sad and cry.”

Durbin, who had been contemplating additional love songs for some time, thought a little more about “Titanic” while her friend Kelly talked about his disdain for the music.

“The door was big enough for the two of them!” She said. “They could have survived!”

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