Transforming old outfits to new fashions requires just a snip

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Old clothes generally get tossed in the garbage, sold at yard sales or get donated; There are thrifty students, however, who stray away from the typical removal of old clothing.

By renovating your old clothes, you’re saving tons of money–money that could go to other things like food. You’re also showcasing your own personal style, with a flair of you for good measure.

“I’m big into recycling clothes,” said Dakota Lubbock, a sophomore elementary education major from Hurricane. “Most of what I own is patched up from other bits of clothing.”

Lubbock grew up with nine older siblings, so money was always tight. Her mother was always patching up clothes, and Lubbock picked up on the habit. Starting in middle school, she’s made it her goal to take at least one sewing class a year, expanding on her hobby.

I spent a day with Lubbock, watching as she turned something old and a bit tattered into something new and fashionable.

The original outfit was just a pair of worn out jeans and an old maroon dress shirt that had a swirled gold design.  

“I want to make a tank top with a cut back,” Lubbock said. “The pants I’ll turn into shorts.”

The process was simple; she cut the sleeves off the shirt and used the elastic band around the collar to make the straps of the tank top. With the extra fabric, she corseted the back of the tank top to give the shirt a trendy little twist. She used no needles and no thread; her only tools were scissors and the cloth of the shirt. To complete the ensemble, she turned the tattered jeans into cut-off shorts,which is simple yet stylish.

Three hours later, Lubbock’s vision came to life. She successfully turned something practically unwearable into something anyone could and would wear on a summer’s day.

 “It doesn’t take much to make a completely new outfit,” Lubbock said. “[It only took] a little bit of time, really. Anyone can do it, really.”