Erotic Topic: Good nutrition, diet keys to better love life

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A few lifestyle tweaks can banish problematic sex frustrations like mid-thrust muscle cramps or friction burns from chapped nether-lips.

If you give as much attention to your body as your partner’s pleasure centers, you will improve your own sex experience and performance.

The first area of sexual self-improvement is fitness.

Sex shouldn’t leave you exhausted but refreshed. With special attention to some key areas, toning your body will not only make you look and feel sexier but also improve your erotic abilities.

Fortify your core and glutes for a more steady and powerful thrust. Build your upper body to lengthen the duration of positions that require support or lift. Stretch daily to open up possibilities of even the most outlandish positions you’d think only yoga instructors would be able to pull off.

Cardiovascular fitness will also improve your endurance. Train your heart and lungs so you won’t need an awkward moment to catch your breath right before a potential climax.

Simple exercises like crunches, squats, push-ups and running should do the trick, so you don’t need a gym membership to invigorate these sexy sweet spots.

Kegel exercises can also contribute to under-the-sheets sensations for both men and women. According to “Exercising the ‘Love’ Muscles” by Dr. Laura Berman from Everyday Health, Kegels can “heighten your arousal during sex, enhance your orgasms, improve blood circulation to the genitals, and increase vaginal tone and lubrication.”

Dietary consciousness can also enhance sexual experience and performance.

A diet of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins leave individuals energized and healthy, both of which are vital for a flourishing sex life.

Good foods make us feel good, while bad foods dampen the mood. Due to lack of nutrients, sugary, salty, fatty and processed foods can leave us feeling sluggish, bloated and just plain unsexy.

An unhealthy diet may also cause consistent ailments like bad gas, constipation, heartburn, stomachaches and diarrhea, which by no means makes sex appealing in any way, for you or your partner.

Certain diets not only make us feel better; they may also make us taste better.

While there aren’t many concrete scientific studies or experiments that fully support this idea, plenty of rumors and old wives’ tales float around that consistently point to the notion that fruits—pineapple, melons, mangos, apples, grapes, strawberries—can all sweeten bodily secretions like the vaginal discharge or sperm.

With the same concept of “you are what you eat” in mind, it also makes sense that strong or bitter foods will negatively affect how you smell or taste downstairs. Avoid coffee, alcohol, asparagus, onions, meat and fish to diminish unpleasant scents or tastes.

Granted, you’ll probably never taste like a strawberry short cake, but you can try to avoid a diet that leaves you less than appetizing.

Hygiene is a given. It’s safe to say we all have an aversion to body odor and morning breath. Shower sex is always a nice solution, though.

Either way, it certainly does not hurt your sex life to keep things fresh. Guys, trim things up every once in a while—and I’m not talking about facial hair. Girls should douche occasionally, especially post-menstruation. Don’t use any harsh soaps or fragrance, though—stay natural and use water, maybe vinegar if you must.

Additionally, nether-regions often become rather dank toward the end of the day if they aren’t allowed to breathe. Keep it fresh and breezy: Try going commando every once in a while to prevent swampy crotches.

If you’re lacking moisture, however, hydration is extremely important. If you’re consistently reaching for the K&Y because of an absence of natural lubricant, it’s probably because you’re not drinking enough water.

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