Club of the Month: Criminal Justice club has presence on campus

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It’s no mystery why the Criminal Justice Club was selected as club of the month after an increase in membership and campus involvement.

The Dixie State College Inter Club Council awarded the Criminal Justice Club on Feb. 6  in their meeting.

The club was awarded with a certificate and with  $100 in merit money to go toward club activities. 

Greg Noel, a senior psychology major from Las Vegas and vice president of clubs and organizations, said the Criminal Justice Club was selected because it is present on campus, and students and faculty know what it is.

“We just wanted to thank them for being as amazing as they are,” Noel said.

The club has doubled its numbers in the past semester and is still growing with 42 members in total. 

“The president is always on top of her duties and is excited and ready to help,” Noel said.

The Criminal Justice Club’s president is Heather Christ, a senior integrated studies major from St. George, and she has been involved with the club for years while attending DSC.

Christ was very excited to know that her club was chosen by the ICC and said they received the award because they are an organized group and work hard to include everyone.

“We make sure to have two meeting times, one in the morning and one at night, to accommodate all members,” Christ said.

The club holds a number of activities for the members. Last semester club members were able to go to the shooting range and to Purgatory to participate in a simulated police force training.

Christ said that the big activity for this semester is going to be a visit to the Clark County Jail and to the Mob Museum  in Las Vegas. The club makes the trip every year and always has a good turnout.

Christ encourages all criminal justices majors to join the club because it could help members in the future.

“This club could help someone get a career in criminal justice in the future,” Christ said. “Connections with local officials can be made through the club.”

Anyone who is interested in joining the club is welcome no matter what there major may be. The club members want the student body to be involved and interactive.

“The Criminal Justice Club provides students with a social atmosphere, which is what clubs is all about,” Noel said.

The ICC will vote on Feb. 26 to determine what club won for the month of February. 

The winner will be announced during the March 5 ICC meeting. 

For more information on clubs, visit  dixiestudentlife.com/student-clubs/.