Pastels, stripes among anticipated spring clothing trends

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With spring-cleaning comes out with the old and in with the new, and the same rules apply to style. 


“The biggest trends are stripes and pastel colored skinny jeans,” said Kelsey Farr, a freshman general education major from West Jordan. “Pastels can make a bold statement.”

Farr said she keeps up to date with trends by looking through magazines.

“I read in Vogue that Bermuda shorts and tailored shorts are going to be huge,” Farr said.

Brianne Adams, a sophomore general education major from Monroe, said she is looking forward to new shoes.

“Golden accented shoes are a must,” Adams said. “Gold accents work for flats and heels, which is totally perfect.”

Adams said she is iffy about another upcoming trend.

“Little one-inch heels are all over the runway,” Adams said. “It’s a nice break from the seven-inch heels that everyone wears, but the baby-sized heels are grandma-y. I do hope it is a trend that works out, though.”

Mike Peters, a freshman general education major, said men’s fashion hardly changes but is excited to wear shorts.

“I think stripes are always in,” Peters said. “I looked in GQ, and they seem to be a big thing for this season.”


Chelsea Beddoes, a student from Taylor Andrews Academy, said she is noticing a lot of hairstyle trends involving braids.

“It is nothing too new, but a lot of people are really into braids,” Beddoes said “I have people asking for crazy French braids that are so intricate and hard to style but have an end result of looking spectacular.”

As far as dyeing goes, Beddoes said there is a trend to watch for.

“People have been crazy about bleach blonde hair and crazy colored ombres,” Beddoes said. “With colored ombres, people are wanting their whole head to be dyed an unnatural color with darker ends. So like lavender colored hair with purple tips, but only the risky people are doing this.”

Beddoes said there are numerous cuts being asked for.

“Long hair with extensions is a thing of the past,” Beddoes said. “It’s all about pixie cuts and shoulder-length bobs.” 


Weather becomes the main reason trends come and go. Shorter hairstyles come into play, as well as shorter clothing. Adjunct English instructor Emily Andrade said she always gets excited to see what is next.

“It always makes class interesting to see all of the new style students put together,” Andrade said. “It’s like a fashion show.”

Andrade said St. George’s spring season comes sooner than everywhere else.

“Because it gets hotter in St. George faster than the rest of the state, we get to buy and wear our spring clothes first,” Andrade said. “It makes us that much more ahead of everyone else.”