Students get rides to class, win prizes

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A ride to class plus a chance to win free stuff can be yours if the timing is right.

A driver of a golf cart will offer to give you a ride to class if you are willing to answer questions about DSU and national news for a prize. The more answers you get correct the bigger the prize is, but if you are unable to answer one of the questions, then you are unable to ride the rest of the way.

“We are doing it so students have more of an incentive to pick up the papers every day and be more engaged in events outside of St. George,” said Brandon Price, a communication major from Brigham City and student body vice president of academics.

The New York Times sponsors the Quiz Cab by sending New York Times beanies, hats, mugs, water bottles and smaller prizes like pens and pencils.

“It makes you think about staying more in contact with everything and knowing what’s going on,” said Daniel Fischer, a senior undecided major from Washington. “After that happened I noticed I started…checking it out more to gain more knowledge about it just in case they stopped me.”

There are 150 papers delivered in every building around campus except for the University Plaza, Taylor Building and the Snow Science Building.

The students running the Quiz Cab ask questions about The New York Times newspaper delivered the Friday prior.

“We try to keep [the questions] pretty easy because we want people to win,” Price said.

Price said no one leaves the Quiz Cab empty-handed, even if students aren’t able to answer any question correctly.

Taylor Squires, a freshman general education major from St. George, said the Quiz Cab is a good thing to have around campus because it motivates him to know his facts.

“They’re asking you to test your skills and to test your knowledge, and they give you a prize after,” Squires said. “If I get it right, then I get a prize after. I’m just nervous because I don’t want to look like a fool.” 

The Quiz Cab is going to continue for the rest of the semester. 

“It gets people thinking about the campus,” Fischer said. “I think it’s a cool idea.”

The Quiz Cab will be on campus March 4, March 25, and April 23.